A Day After Brunch

Once your wedding day is over, you may wonder how the whole event passed in the blink of an eye. You might remember snippets of the ceremony and reception here and there, but the whole picture might escape you. Questions like, “Did everyone have a great time?” or “What did you think of the band?” can best be answered by your most trusted confidantes, the people who you look to for advice. Enter your family and wedding party. Who better to fill you in on all the details that you missed when you were having your photos taken and cutting the cake? A brunch the day after the wedding is a great way for the families of the bride and groom and the wedding party to recount the events of the previous day.

A brunch is wonderfully appropriate when the newlyweds will be making their home far from their families, especially if they haven’t seen everyone for some time. Having to say goodbye at the reception to family members and friends that you may not see for a while is usually difficult, both emotionally and in terms of expedience. Rather than rush the goodbyes and thank yous at the end of the reception, why not schedule a brunch the day after the wedding to do so?

Ideally, if the wedding was a late-night affair, scheduling the brunch in the late morning, or early in the afternoon, will allow attendees (especially the bride and groom) to recover and get some much-needed sleep. Keep in mind that you and your new spouse may need to leave at a certain time in order to catch a plane or train to your honeymoon destination. Make sure you have plenty of time to eat and meet with the brunch guests and not feel rushed. This is the time to relish your new roles as husband and wife -- enjoy it!

Who Hosts? The bride and groom, a relative, or friend can host the brunch or each guest can contribute. There are no hard and fast rules with regard to who hosts the brunch. Generally, the brunch should be held near the wedding location so that guests who traveled from out of town will not be inconvenienced. It is especially nice if someone offers to have it at his or her home. A private home adds such a personal touch. If a home is not available, a quaint restaurant is a wonderful option. And they may even be able to arrange a special menu for the occasion!

Invitations. Although invitations may not be needed if the brunch is going to include family and wedding party members only, sending out invitations is never inappropriate. Besides, think of the nice memento an invitation will make for you and your spouse.

Who To Invite. As a general rule, the wedding party members and the immediate family of the bride and groom attend the brunch. The number of people invited to the brunch is usually kept to a minimum, so that the newlyweds will have a chance to speak with each person individually. It’s a lovely gesture to invite people who have traveled a great distance to attend the wedding. These guests will appreciate being included, and it will make their trip even more memorable and worthwhile.

Menu. Popular brunch items include Belgian waffles, Eggs Benedict, pastries, fruit, mimosas (champagne with orange juice), hash browns and other breakfast-related foods. However, don’t feel obligated to serve the standard brunch fare. A menu featuring a favorite type of cuisine of the bride and groom is also an option, as is a barbecue or other casual dining choice, as long as the brunch is not held the first thing in the morning.

Menu Suggestions

Breakfast-Style Brunch
Coffee and Tea
Bagels, lox and cream cheese
Lemon scones with clotted cream
Pear, apple and berry fruit salad

Lunch-Style Brunch (Spring-Summer)
Bloody Marys
Coffee and tea
Cornbread muffins
Salmon with lemon and dill
Green bean salad
Peach cobbler

Lunch-Style Brunch (Autumn-Winter)
Hot cider
Coffee and tea
Spinach and sausage quiche
Potato pancakes with applesauce
Fennel, watercress and orange salad
Pumpkin bread



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