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10 Years Anniversary Party Theme - School House Rock
For our tenth anniversary my husband Joe and I decided to celebrate with a "Schoolhouse Rock". theme. We both grew up with these catchy and educational songs and knew them by heart. Since I was pregnant with our first child we thought it would be appropriate. It was the most hilarious wedding anniversary celebration ever though there was only two of us (three counting the baby I was carrying).

On our anniversary day, I took his gift in from its hiding place in the trunk and put it in a shopping bag and carried it inside. Joe was holding a huge cardboard numeral three. I gave him a confused look and he handed me the number and patted my stomach. "Three is the magic number."
We both laughed and he turned on the DVD player. "History Rock." began playing.

We began dancing to the music. Joe is a bit of a history nut, and made me laugh by correcting some of errors in the songs. After "History Rock" was over Joe led me to the kitchen.

He had prepared dinner for two. Two plates of Chicken a laOrange, asparagus and roasted potatoes and two glasses of sparkling apple cider were balanced on a toy train running on the bar in our kitchen. He had taped construction paper letters to the side of the train that read," Phrases and Clauses". He told me the train was the "Conjunction Junction" train. I loved it so much took a picture of the train before we took the plates and drinks off of it.

After dinner, we went back to the living room and Joe put on "Math Rock" in which was our song, "Three is the Magic Number". and also my favorite, "The Figure Eight". I liked it as a kid because it was so eerie.

After the last song was over, I brought out the shopping bag and let Joe open his present. It was the Schoolhouse Rock board game. We played it for hours. We played all the different DVDs of School House Rock's while we played the game. His present was a night shirt with the School House Rock logo on it and some of the characters from the skits.

He opened a bottle of Champagne for himself to make a toast, but I only drank sparkling apple cider. We talked until late about how wonderful our life together has been and how it would only get better when the baby arrived. Joe is a such a wonderful man and I know he will be a great dad.

Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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