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25 Years Anniversary Party Theme - Buck Rogers
I was flattered when my friend, Rhonda and her husband Randy invited me to their twenty-fifth anniversary celebration. Rhonda and Randy share many quirks, but one of them is a love for cheesy sci-fi. So it was natural they would celebrate their 25th anniversary with a "Buck Rogers" theme party.

The invitations was a card with a collage of all the characters from the television show, "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"-- Buck, Twiki and Colonel Wilma Deering on the front. Inside was all the important information: "Its the party of a lifetime! Join "Buck Rogers" and "Colonel Deering-Rogers" in celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary." The address was Rhonda and Randy's house and below the time and date were instructions to dress like a Buck Rogers character that was, (or should have been) on the show!

I rented my outfit at a costume shop. It was a silver body suit with black, four-inch platforms. I used silver hair spray and silver glitter eye-makeup. I looked crazy! I hoped everyone would look as outrageous as I did or I was going to feel pretty ridiculous. I think I looked more like an extra from "Barbarella" than a Buck Rogers character, but it would have to do.

When I arrived at their house, Rhonda opened the door and she looked great--like she stepped right of the set of the TV show. Just as I came in the door Randy walked up-- he WAS Buck! They giggled at my costume, but told me I looked fabulous and they wished everyone had gone to such lengths. My embarrassment subsided as I looked at the other guests some looked like they had made what they were wearing at home. Other guests were wearing really elaborate costumes and make-up. There were Aliens, Monsters, a "Twiki robot" and my favorite "Buck Rogers" character, "Hawk". Compared to them Rhonda and Randy looked normal. I introduced myself to Hawk and we hit it off.

here was a refreshment table with all kinds of wines, alcohol and other drinks. Rhonda and Randy even had a few 'out of this world' drinks. They put a black light over the table and it made the pink food color dye in the punch look nuclear. They fluorescent plastic cups made all of the drinks in them look slightly weird. The food was very creative. Rhonda made pigs in a blanket to look like flying saucers, Twiki shaped sugar cookies, cupcakes with little plastic rocket ships on top of each. She colored some food with food dyes to make it look strange. There were pink quiches, green tater tots and she also sprinkled chili powder on French fries to make them red and a little spicy. I never had food that tasted so good, but looked so weird.

Lots of guests were dancing to the space age music playing on the stereo. It was straight out of the late 70's and early 80's--I loved it.

Rick, the guy in the Hawk costume called everyone together to toast Rhonda and Randy on their twenty-five years of marriage. He said he hoped their next twenty-five years were as wild, and crazy as the first twenty-five. Some other guests came forward to make some short toasts to the couple and then the game of sci-fi movie charades began. The guests were divided into teams and the team that did the best got some silly prizes. I my team didn't win, but did ask me Rick asked for my phone number.

I had a great time looking over the photos from the party Rhonda's brother, Mike, took. Everyone looked so fabulous! Rhonda made copies for me and the other guests of the ones they liked best. I think we'll all still be talking about Rhonda and Randy's twenty-fifth anniversary for years to come and probably even at their fiftieth!
Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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