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Bachelor Party Theme - Mermaids
My buddy, Al, is getting married. I was given an invitation to the wedding, but not to the bachelor party, because I'm a girl. Though that fact didn't stop Al's buddies from calling me up for help planning his bachelor party. It's never dull being "one of the guys".

Al's a great guy. He would never do anything to cause his fiancée, Hattie, to worry. Though he is human, and male to boot so even if Al wouldn't actually do anything he'd regret, we sure as heck wanted to come up with some pretty serious temptation. I started with the list the guys gave me of the things that they insisted on having at the party.

First was X-rated movies, so got some movies showing girls doing things guys liked, but that Hattie wouldn't do if you paid her a million dollars. Next, strippers. They really wanted strippers. They also wanted me to get some embarrassing costume to dress Al in so they could video tape it and show Hattie later. Last on the list was booze.

I decided a mermaid theme would tie everything together nicely. So, I reserved a penthouse suite for the sextet of men at the Sands hotel in Las Vegas as it was centrally located as we all live out west. I reserved a table at a restaurant where girls swam in a huge aquarium, dressed like mermaids. The table was right next to the tank. I later heard the mermaids kept swimming up to the glass and flirting with Al like I had arranged. .

Most of the X-rated movies I rented the action was done in and/or around water. The guys watched the movies while while munching on a light dinner of crab and tuna sandwiches, prawns with spicy sauce, tortilla chips with hot salsa and cool guacamole. Of course, gallons of wine and spirits to help give their fantasies a lift.

The strippers arrived after the movies. They were all dressed like mermaids. Al had to put on a merman outfit before they would strip. The tail restricted the movement of his legs so Al was stuck wherever they put him. The video, was hilarious! The girls were stripping right on top of him. They made him suffer! They even oiled his chest up and gave him a massage.
Although videotaping was permitted, the mermaids asked that no photographs be taken. So pictures were taken of the guys only. The pictures showed their facial expressions. Oh, what another story they told.

The guys say they had a blast giving their buddy having such a hard time. The videotape was a bit shaky because everyone was laughing. Though Al was the guest of honor, the mermaids lavished attention on his friends, too. Everyone had a great time.

The video tape is circulating more than Al wants it to though Hattie loves watching it. She has fun laughing with her fiancé about it. They're both so good-natured. Al admits he had a difficult time behaving himself, but he knew if he could hold on until he got home he could live out his fantasy with Hattie.
Since then, I've been asked by friends of Al and his friends to plan bachelor and bachelorette parties.
Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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