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Bachelor Party Theme - Surfin’ USA
I just got back from my college roommate’s bachelor party and it was a blast. Jim is a total surfer dude, so his best man, Tim, threw him a beach party right in his own backyard. You see, Jim is getting married next week, and it was too cold to actually have a party down at the beach, so Tim decided to bring the sand and surf to Jim.

Tim has a large backyard that backs up to a hill and he went all out decorating it for the party. Tim filled much of the side patio with sand. Lots of it. There was enough sand to bury your feet well past your heels. He put a few beach chairs in the sand for sitting and included an umbrella. He rented some heaters to keep the backyard warm, and added several Tiki torches around the perimeter for a cool glow. The fence that is normally around the swimming pool was taken down to allow for easy access to the heated water. Surfboards (Tim surfs too) were standing all around the backyard. A large American flag stood in the corner of the backyard, blowing slightly with the breeze, landscape lighting illuminating it. Jim is a true blue American and has surfed much of the ocean in the United States. As a teenager he was a nationally ranked surfer and traveled all over, representing his country.

It was a large bachelor party with about 40 guys. We all showed up in beach attire as was requested. A bartender was set up in the backyard also, serving Corona beer, soda, and mixed drinks. Loud music played over the speakers. All the tunes were surf related by artists like the Beach Boys and Bobby Darin. In the pool were boogie boards and beach balls. The fire pit was on. And there were plenty of snacks on the tables. Jim was really happy with the whole scene.

After about an hour into the party, Tim came into the backyard with two hot young women on each arm. They were dressed in bikinis and high heels. Tim escorted them over to where Jim was and for the rest of the evening they stayed to cater to him. It was very classy, there was no hanky panky going on. They would rub his feet when he was sitting, give him a back and neck massage, and get him more drinks. He was totally taken care of. And the rest of us guys got to enjoy the eye candy.

Tim thought it was a good idea to get wet and started things off with a cannonball into the pool. The Jacuzzi was bubbling and Jim got into it with his two escorts. Someone brought up the idea of a little boogie board/surf competition between the girls and they were game. Each gal stood on a board in the pool, a group of guys holding it and steadying her, and we watched to see who would fall off first. It wasn’t very easy to balance and off course there was some tipping going on. But the girls kept getting back up. They were real troopers. (And they looked great wet.) Finally it was deemed a tie and then we all just goofed around in the water until it was time for dinner.

Tim had dinner catered by a catering company that specialized in Polynesian food. There was chicken and beef, rice, coconut shrimp, Hawaiian sweet rolls, and tempura vegetables. The food was outstanding and there was plenty for seconds. I for one had worked up quite an appetite in the pool. The girls laid Jim’s napkin on his lap, fed him parts of his meal, and made sure he was comfortable. He was in a very enviable position and loved every second of it.

All the guests had been told there would be an opportunity to make some money tonight, so if they wanted to participate, to come with $25.00 cash. We were all prepared and after dinner played some beach blanket bingo. I know it sounds corny, but it really was a lot of fun. Each guy was given a cheap white towel with the bingo card printed on it. We didn’t play with numbers but words. The words were befitting a bachelor party and included condom, stripper, sex, and honeymoon, to name just a few. Surf was the word that everyone got in the middle square. The two lovely bikini clad ladies conducted the game. One called out the word while the other walked around with plastic chips to hand out as markers. We played a few times, rewarding the winners with the cash that was collected.

We next made our way inside the house to watch a surfing movie. The girls got drinks from the bartender and served them to all of us. About a minute into the Fuji film, we knew it wasn’t a family movie and sat mesmerized, as guys do, watching the x-rated show. When it was over, it was time to call it a night.

The girls planted a kiss on each of Jim’s cheek’s (not those cheeks) and waved goodbye to the rest of us. Jim thanked everyone for coming and said an extra something about Tim. He said the evening was a blast and a great send off into married life.
Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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