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Good Friday Party Theme - Cajun Fish Fry
Since my children grew up and left home I have volunteered as part of a service club. One year we decide Good Friday might be a good time to have a function not only for raising money, but having some fun. After throwing ideas around for a while we decided on a Cajun theme for our fish fry.

We arranged to use the recreation center at a senior assisted living center our club often visited. Of course, all of the residents were invited to attend the fish fry without charge. The recreation center had a full kitchen so our two volunteer chefs could cook up some Cajun style fish.

I had some fliers made at a print shop. It had a cute picture of a Cajun fisherman sitting in a boat. Below were details of time, place, cost for the fish fry and that there would also be a band and a raffle. Our volunteers distributed the fliers around town. Some of the local merchants even let us put them in the windows of their stores.

The recreation center tables were covered in brightly colored linens. Adorable stuffed gators, crawfish and hurricane lamps were placed on the tables as centerpieces. One volunteer brought a canoe and some fishing gear from his garage. I bought a decorative net from a party supply store and attached realistic plastic sea creatures and shells to it then hung it on the wall. Another volunteer made painted signs from boards left over from a recently replaced old garden fence. One said, “boat rentals”; another “live bait”, but my favorite was the one that said, “Beware of ‘gators”. They were very creative decorations.

On the day of the party, volunteers brought Cajun style side dishes arranged them on the buffet table. The chefs were already busy in the kitchen preparing Cajun style fish in mild, spicy and extra spicy varieties. The volunteers opened the packages of plastic utensils, plates, cups and napkins. Sets of utensils were wrapped in a napkin then placed in wicker basket next to the plates and cups, to one side of the table. After that they helped the senior guests at the buffet and to their seats. The Cajun band arrived soon after began setting up. Another volunteer and I were stationed at the door to collect money for the fish fry and the raffle tickets. People started arriving in ones and twos then in bunches. We had to call another volunteer over to help us.

When I finally had a chance to look around the room I could not believe how many people were at the buffet, sitting at the tables and even dancing. Our Cajun fish fry looked like a huge success.

I announced the raffle was about to begin while the band was taking a break and everyone was very exited by the prizes. Some people bought more tickets at the last minute. Every one cheered when a name was called. Even one of our volunteer chefs won a gift certificate donated by a local restaurant.

The Good Friday Cajun fish fry was a lot of fun as well as a great success for our club. Everyone had a really good time and I think it will be even bigger next year.

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