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School Prom / Graduation Party Theme - Cabaret
My Senior Prom I go to a performing arts high school, so when it came time for prom we wanted to do something a little different. Since "Cabaret" had such great success with its Broadway revival so we thought the play would make a terrific theme for the prom. It was incredible! I had such a great time.

We decided everyone had to dress as characters from the play. The school Principal wanted the final say on our costumes. He didn't want anything too revealing. The guys even got into it, but I've noticed the guys going to my school are willing to dress up and have fun than the ones in public school. They would even wear tights and put on make up. They looked fabulous!

I wore a black patent leather corset, red velvet hot pants and black fish net stockings. I put my mascara and bright red lipstick on very thick and slicked my hair back putting it into a tight bun on the top of my head. My boyfriend, Harry, powdered his face so he looked pale, applied some mascara and some rouge to his cheeks. He wore black slacks with a white shirt and suspenders. I think we made quite a couple. Everyone else looked just as fabulous! I took so many photos with my girlfriends. We all posed like nightclub singers and young starlets.

The auditorium was decorated all in red and black. There were balloons and streamers over the dance floor and red velvet curtains lining the stage. Tables were set up around the dance floor with red and black linens and small battery operated lamps on the center of each. The lights were turned down low and it seemed as if we stepped into a German nightclub. On the stage, the photographer had set up an old fashioned microphone and a bistro chair. When we arrived, the DJ was playing the soundtrack from "Cabaret" and couples were dancing. A few getting into character and dancing like Cabaret dancers. I even saw a Marlena Dietrich and Liza Minnelli look-alike there.

Harry and I had eaten dinner on the way, but we hadn't had dessert so we went over to the buffet table to see what was there. The food was beautifully set up on a long table covered with a black velveteen tablecloth. Everything was served on red glass platters. Harry had a cup of coffee and I tried one of the truffles. They were scrumptious! There were also éclairs and cream puffs.

Harry and I definitely wanted to have a picture taken. I posed with one leg on the seat of the chair and Harry stood behind me with his head on my shoulder. He wrapped his arms around my waist and, since we wanted the photo to be Fuji film noir style, neither of us smiled. The picture came out really great and I framed it and hung it on the wall above my bed.

Harry and I danced and had such a wild time. Later, the DJ announced the prom King and Queen everyone all cheered and watched them dance. Harry and had such a terrific evening! I'll remember my prom forever as one of the greatest nights of my life!

Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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