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School Prom / Graduation Party Theme - Painted Desert
My boyfriend Matt and I went to our Senior Prom. The theme was "Painted Desert" and it was really great.

We voted on the theme several months before, but though I had no idea what the "Painted Desert" theme would be, I thought it sounded more interesting than the other choices. I guess a lot of the other Seniors felt the same way because it was chosen by a landslide.

A group of my friends and I went to the mall together looking for our prom gowns. I was looking for something, sexy, but not trashy; elegant, but not plain and best of all, within my budget. After a while all the girls had found something and I thought my perfect dress might not exist, but then I found a spectacular dress in a small bridal boutique.

Matt and a few of his friends pitched in to rent a limo for the evening. He stopped at my house first and I made him wait a few minutes while I finished putting on my make up. He placed a rose corsage around my wrist and my mom took a picture of us on the front porch, as a memento.

The limo made a few more stops for the other couples and we were all excited to see how the gym had been decorated.

Everyone was amazed. The walls were covered with gorgeous backdrops painted on white cloth. They depicted the Egyptian desert as it must have looked in the height of their empire. Everything was so colorful--, yellow, green and purple fields and hills, with golden pyramids behind. Red, and orange, temples, purple obelisks and turquoise sphinxes in the back ground with the blue waters of the Nile in the foreground..

Curtains of red and gold flanked the stage and a pair of Egyptian-style, throne-like chairs sat in the center for prom King and Queen.

Matt and I got in line for the buffet. There was lots of exotic food--stuffed grape leaves, bean salad, humus, pita bread as well as some more familiar dishes: baked chicken and fish, mixed vegetables and rice pilaf. Desert was a variety of fruits with a delicious yogurt sauce or whipped cream. Everything was superb! There were sodas and delicious passion fruit iced tea.

Matt and I decided to get our pictures taken next. The backdrop was like the ones on the walls and had colorful palm trees, desert sands and orange sphinx. There was even a cardboard pyramid covered with sand so it looked like it was made out of stone. It looked really amazing! I was getting plenty of ideas for my next party.

The prom King and Queen were announced just as Matt and I finished getting our pictures. He was almost as surprised as I was when his name was called! I was so excited for him, but I have to admit I had a little pang of jealousy when he danced with the prom Queen, Elizabeth Jones. After their dance was over he took me onto the dance floor for a slow dance and told me I was his Queen of the prom. Isn't that sweet? When the dance ended, Matt and I and the rest of the couples who had come in the limo, went home. Matt walked me to the porch and gave me a kiss before I went inside. It was the most memorable night of my life!

The prom photo turned out really beautiful and my mother framed the larger one and put it on the mantle. I keep a 2x4 of our photo in my wallet.

Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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