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School Prom / Graduation Party Theme - Blue Lagoon
The movie, "Blue Lagoon" came out before I was born, but I recently watched it on video. The movie is about two kids who are stranded alone on a tropical island and when the prom committee was trying to come up with a new theme for our senior prom, I suggested "Blue Lagoon" would make a terrific theme. Since we're always trying to find something more original than the previous class's prom themes, it was not hard to convince the rest of the committee it was a great idea. The committee agreed the idea of two young people stranded in a tropical paradise was a pretty romantic one so we went for it.

The gym was decorated like a moon lit tropical beach. Rented, painted backdrops were hung on the walls and lots of artificial palm trees and real plants to set around the room to create an exotic atmosphere. A stereo and several speakers were positioned around the room and played a continuous nature CD of tropical beach sounds.

The ceiling was covered with hundreds of black helium balloons. Silver paper stars hung from each silver ribbon tied to each balloon.

The tables were covered with tropical print table cloths and set with wooden plates, cups and silverware with a bamboo motif. The centerpieces were made of blue glass bottles, with silk orchids tied around the neck with silver ribbon and a white candle placed in the bottle's mouth.

The food was served buffet style and was set up on two large tables covered with a tropical print table cloth and decorated with flower garlands around the edges. The main dishes were sweet and sour chicken and beef shish kabob. There was also rice, mixed vegetables and roasted potatoes for the side dishes. There were sodas, sparkling apple and white grape juice and a delicious punch made of orange juice, pineapple juice and ginger ale to drink.

The photographer was set up in the hallway outside the gym. He took pictures with a backdrop of a moonlit lagoon. There was even a little grass hut in the distance completing the illusion of the couple being castaways on in a tropical paradise.

Everyone dressed in tuxes and prom gowns even though I thought it would be fun to dress in costumes to go along with the theme, no one else on the committee did. As a compromise the prom committed had flower leis made for all the guests.

After everyone had eaten they started dancing and the place really started rockin'! After an hour, the DJ announced the king and queen of the prom. They were crowned with flower wreaths and shared a dance. They looked great together!

Everyone had a great time dancing and partying until late. It was the best night of my life!

Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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