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School Prom / Graduation Party Theme - Mardi Gras
It would have been great if the Senior class could have gone to Mardi Gras in New Orleans for prom, but since that wasn't possible we decided to bring it to us by using it for our theme.

Fliers were printed up and posted around campus for weeks before the prom, counting down the days until the big party. "Wear your dancing shoes," was printed on the green fliers. "Put on your best smile." was printed on gold paper and, my favorite "Be in close Quarters with your friends." was printed on purple paper. Everyone was getting really excited about it.

My friend, Geoff asked me to be his date for the prom. Of course, everyone was dressing up, but with a Mardi Gras flair. I went to the mall with a group of my girlfriends searching for the perfect outfits. I found a gown based on a style made popular in 40s style clubs. It was really gorgeous and made of champagne colored satin.

Geoff wore a handsome, dark grey suit tailored in a style reminiscent of 40's Jazz musicians.

Geoff and a friend pooled their money to rent a classic 1940 Packard. My mom took lots of photos of both couples posing in, around and even on the car. She must have told us a mission times how "cute" we looked! Lots of our friends chose to have dinner at the prom buffet, but the four of us met some of our other friends for dinner at a Cajun restaurant in town we heard was really good.

We could hear a live New Orleans style Jazz band playing from the school parking lot and couldn't wait to get inside. A photographer stopped us as we were entering the gym and took pictures of each couple in front of a backdrop of a moonlit dock with of the Mississippi River shining in the background.

Geoff and I practically ran into the gym after our picture was taken we were so excited to get on the dance floor. The gym was decorated with were balloons, streamers, and colorful feathered and sequined masks! Clowns wandered through the crowd, making balloon animals. There were a couple of street performers juggling too. The New Orleans style Jazz band was awesome! I discovered Geoff was a really great dancer. Wow! I had no idea someone who seemed so mousy could dance like that! I have to admit, it was like seeing Geoff as a whole new person. Maybe asking me out was all part of his plan to show me his true feelings. He had a big grin pasted on his face all night.

The dinner buffet had been cleared away and trays of pastries had been brought out. When we worked up a thirst on the dance floor, there was plenty of sparkling cider, sodas and a delicious raspberry iced tea.

During one of the slow songs, Geoff took me out on the dance floor and I realized that our friendship had grown into something more. He kissed me and my heart started beating fast! The night couldn't have gotten any better.

After the crowning of the prom king and queen, Geoff and I danced until late. All four of us left in the classic 1940 Packard around 2AM. Geoff walked me to the front door and we spent about ten minutes kissing each other good night. When I finally went inside I felt like I was on cloud nine!

When I got our prom photos back a couple of weeks later, I wondered how I could have been so blind. It was obvious just by the way we stood so close we had feelings for each other. It was such a good picture I framed it and hung it on my bedroom wall. I am so happy my Senior prom was such a memorable night.

Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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