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Quinceañera Party Theme - Jungle Book
A Quinceañera is so special so I wanted my daughter, Rosa to remember hers forever. I was so pleased the way the party came together. Everyone had great fun.

Rosa's favorite movie is Jungle Book, the cartoon, so we made this our theme. Even though Rosa is fifteen, we wanted to make it fun and she thought it would be cute to make it look like a child's party.

I found invitations and matching, plates, cups and napkins. They had King Louie and Mogli dancing on the front. Inside I wrote the location, date and time. We sent them to ten of her friends, as well as her boyfriend and his friends, which brought the number to nineteen. All of the parents were invited as well.

I decorated the living room and dining room with 20 yards of artificial vines and about 100 artificial, exotic flowers I bought at the craft store. I strung the vine everywhere in the living room, having some of them dangle directly from the ceiling. I just made sure the kids didn't try to swing from them. Then, I placed the flowers all around the house. Some, I took apart and tied them to the vines with green thread. I bought some plush toy jungle animals--a parrot, a tiger, an elephant and a bear. These were my gift to Rosa and it made the house look more and more like the jungle.

Everyone went crazy about the vines and stuffed animals, especially Rosa. Her eyes were so wide with surprise and happiness. Then she hugged my neck and gave me kisses on my cheek. She got embarrassed when she noticed her boyfriend was watching.

The DJ played festive music and the kids started dancing. Even some of the adults decided to get out on the dance floor. Rosa was having such a good time, but I think some of the kids wished the adults weren't there. I took lots of pictures of the kids and adults dancing.

Rosa organized a game of Twister with her friends. They had a lot of fun. I also snapped a picture of Rosa falling on top of her boyfriend .

Lunch was tacos, burritos and green salad. Everyone used the Jungle book plates, cups and napkins. There was soda and tropical punch for everyone and wine for the adults.

After lunch Rosa opened her gifts and I brought out the cake I ordered from the bakery. It was decorated with the same scene from the Jungle book as was on the invitations. Everybody loved it. One of the presents Rosa got was a Jungle Book board game. The kids took turns playing it for hours. Rosa had such a great time. She can't wait for her next birthday.
Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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