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Superbowl Party Theme - Foam
Every year, about twenty of us get together for Superbowl Sunday. It doesn't matter who's playing. We just love to watch and we inevitably make a mess. I wanted to tell you about the Superbowl party our friends, Joe and Linda, had. I wish I had thought of it myself.

With all that Corona beer, wine, soda, popcorn, pizza, burgers and brownies and a bunch of people, something is bound to get spilled or dropped on the carpet, but Joe and Linda food-proofed their house. Well, there is really no way to protect the entire house, but what they did sure helped a lot! They also told all the guests to bring a two-by-two foot piece of foam rubber of any thickness and a pair of scissors.

Even though we didn't know what it was for we all showed up with our foam and scissors.
The living room, was cleared of all breakable items and a sheet of plastic laid over the carpet. There was also rolls of paper towels nearby. The living room table had been covered with a paper table cloth in our favorite team's colors. Linda had prepared fixings for us to make our own submarine sandwiches so there was plenty of French bread rolls, cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions and even some black olives. There was also pasta salad, mini pizzas, and baked beans.

Joe and Linda had a box of colored markers and even some extra foam. We were all given markers to draw with and asked to make ourselves a weapon out of the foam. It could be something as traditional as a sword or not, as Linda illustrated by showing us the hammer and giant wrench she and Joe had made. Everyone worked on them during the pre-game show. Since we all brought foam that was several inches thick it took a while to cut out our weapons with the scissors. Some of us were still working on them after the game started and John stopped in the middle of making his machete because he didn't want to miss anything.

When our weapons were finished, we started using them every time there was a fumble, penalty or touchdown no matter what team had done it. John began regretting stopping work on his foam machete. He just ended up throwing the partially cut out sword at Bill and stealing Joe's wrench.
Everyone had so much fun with the foam weapons, we practically missed the half time show.

Joe and Linda didn't clean up the scraps because all those bits of of foam were like little sponges and soaked up any liquids spilled on the plastic. Instead of tidying up after us, Linda had time to take photos of the melees.

Since the weapons were so much fun to make, some of us confiscated the spare pieces of foam and made footballs, baseball bats and with the addition of some duct tape, football helmets. Arthur, who by then had drunk a lot of Corona beer, learned the hard way foam helmets didn't provide enough padding to bang his forehead on the table. We all laughed as he fell on his butt dazed, but unharmed.

Everyone kept their foam creations as mementos of the game. I even had everyone autograph my foam rubber football. Everyone had a great time.

Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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