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Labor Day Party Theme - Potluck of the Irish
I belong to a Celtic language club and last Labor Day I organized an Irish themed potluck picnic for the club members and their families. As I am far from rich, I held the event at a local park that had picnic tables and barbeques.

One of our members had a band. They agreed to show up and play Irish music They also had some Irish jig dancers who would love performing for us and even teach a simple reel dance to anyone who was interested. I hired a puppet show to entertain the kids and self-described Irish clown to make balloon animals and paint faces.

A picture of a pot of gold with a rainbow was on the invitation’s cover. Inside was written: “First Annual Pot Luck O’ the Irish Labor Day”. Below were details of the date, time and location. Guests were told to bring utensils, whatever meat they wanted to barbeque, a side dish and dessert to share.

On the day of the party, I covered the ugly, scarred, picnic tables with green and gold tablecloths I rented from a party supply store and weighed them down in the center with clay color flower bowls bought at a nursery. I draped white bunting around the Irish band’s portable stage and tied white ribbon to bunches of green balloons, tied them together and slipped them under the flower bowls on the table. I hung a banner made at a print shop, between two trees. “Pot Luck O’ the Irish” was printed in gold letters as well as the date and the club’s name.

It was a perfect day and a perfect party especially because it didn’t cost a lot to have a lot of fun.

Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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