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Superbowl Party Theme - Science Fiction
My husband is a Super Bowl fan and a Science Fiction fan so, one year he decided to combine these into a theme for a Super Bowl party. I had heard of themes for other kinds of parties, I was a little skeptical at first thinking a theme unnecessary for a party that was exclusively about football.

I helped him make up a guest list and send out invitations. On the outside was a still from a classic Star Trek episode showing Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy. Inside were the details of time, place, to come in Sci-Fi themed costume and bring a toy gun that shot foam tipped or suction cup darts.

On Super Bowl Sunday, my husband dug his collection of Science Fiction movie posters out of the garage. Some were classics others were brand new. He used mounting tape to attach them to the living room walls. Then he arranged the furniture in a semi circle around the television. I removed anything breakable from the living room and put it in the den.

I made popcorn, put our chip and dip, peanuts putting them on the table with the sub-sandwich I had picked up at the local deli. I also made some pasta salad with some novelty pasta. The noodles were in the shape of stars moons, and space ships and were a Christmas gift to my husband.

To save room in the fridge, my husband filled the bathtub with ice and put the Corona beer in to chill. Then he brought in the life size cut outs of characters he rented for the party. I recognized some from Star Wars and Star Trek, but there were others I didn’t know.

We just managed to get everything was ready by the time the pre-game show was starting, so my husband left me to answer the door while he put on his Captain Kirk costume.

Guests wearing costumes of every description began arriving in ones and twos some even brought snacks or a six-pack with them. I put the snacks on the table and the Corona beer in the tub. When my husband came out he saw there was a guest dressed as Captain Kirk. “He must be the Evil Kirk.” They said at the same time.

Everyone ate, drank and talked barely watching the pre-game show. When the game started everyone took a seat. The crowd was just about equally divided in support of each team. Dart guns went off whenever either team scored or there was a penalty. Some of the guys started imitating their characters when cheering. It was a terrific party; everyone had a great time.

I have to admit I have never been fond of Super Bowl parties, but this one was pretty fun.
I think my husband wants to have another Super Bowl party next year.

Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

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