Wedding Party Theme - Anthony and Cleopatra
My Cousin Bertha, just remarried and her second wedding was so unusual I have to share it with you.

I received an invitation in the mail about a month before the wedding. The card had a reproduction of a painting of Anthony and Cleopatra on the front. Inside, was printed the date, time and place of their wedding. When I asked my mother about the wedding, she said they were going to dress up as Anthony and Cleopatra and make a big theme party of it.

I arrived early at the park so I could watch the pictures being taken. Bertha was wearing a beautiful strapless, wrap around gown with a sheer gold cape. The fabric of the dress was white with golden threads woven into it. Her dark, curly hair had been straightened and she wore a stunning Egyptian-style gold tiara across her brow. The brides maids wore beautiful gold and white Egyptian-style dresses and black wigs. The grooms men wore Roman guard uniforms.
A large tent set up on the park lawn and I was astonished what I saw inside. It was like a page out of a history book-- ancient Egypt with a splash of Rome. The support poles were shaped like pillars. There were square tables with gold trimmed, white linen tablecloths. In the center of each table was a miniature Egyptian statue. At each place was set with golden plates with matching cutlery and glasses a scroll candle holder favor was sat in the center of each plate. The place just sparkled. It was truly lovely. About this time I noticed some of the guests lining up at a table with garlands around the edge of the white linen table cloth at the far side of the tent.

On the table was stuffed grape leaves and stuffed olives, stuffed spinach pasta shells and artichokes with butter sauce. The bartender was also dressed as an Egyptian. I tried some of the olives and grape leaves with a glass of white wine. Everything was delicious.

Everyone ate and chatted for a while then a man in a Roman costume raised a heralding trumpet to his lips and blew a half dozen notes and announced that the ceremony was about to begin. Everyone filed out of the tent and took seats in the chairs that had been set up in front of an arbor that looked like miniature roman temple. Its four columns were wined with artificial ivy and the minister stood beneath it in a simple toga of white cloth trimmed in gold. I sat on the bride's side with my Uncle Joe.

A harpist in a Roman-style gown started playing a beautiful tune as the wedding party walked down the aisle. Bertha's father was dressed as Julius Cesaer. Bertha looked so beautiful and elegant carrying a bouquet of exotic flowers as they walked to the temple. Luke looked so handsome in a tunic of red and gold with a white cloak trimmed in gold. He wore a crown of golden leaves on his head and his bangs were even curled Roman-style. Bertha's father placed her hand in Luke's and they turned to face the minister who performed a traditional Christian wedding ceremony.

After they exchanged vows and placed gold wedding rings on each others fingers the minister brought out two golden cups. Bertha and Luke each took one and the minister poured some wine into each. The newly weds entwined their arms and drank from the cups as a symbol of two becoming one. After their cups were empty "Anthony" kissed "Cleopatra". It was so wonderful it made me wish I was getting married soon!

While the families were getting pictures taken with the bride, groom and wedding party, everyone returned to the tent and discovered a wedding band had set up where the appetizer buffet had been. They played a variety of music from classical to modern. I danced with Uncle Joe and a friend of Bertha's named Shawn. I thought he was really cute.

A wedding photographer Bertha and Luke's grand entrance. Everyone stood and applauded as they and the wedding party took their places at the head table.

The best man stood up first to give his toast. His speech was short, but touching though humorous. The maid of honor is Bertha's sister Sara and she stood up next to give her speech and toast. She wished them well and told Luke that if he ever made her sister cry, she'd do the same to him. Everyone laughed!

There was a choice of lasagna, Koshari (an Egyptian macaroni dish), or fish for the main course. Every entree came with mixed vegetables and a rice pilaf. Everything was delicious.

After dinner Bertha and Luke danced their first dance as husband and wife. After the first song the band's Emcee announced the father daughter dance and mother son dances. Bertha's father danced with her and Luke's mother danced with him. Then he called the wedding party up to dance to the next song and after that dancing was open to all guests.

An hour later, the band took a break and the Emcee announced it was time for the bouquet toss. I came so close to catching the bouquet it was cruel. Sally, another friend from Bertha's work, was the lucky girl. The band played some sexy music while Luke slowly removed Bertha's garter. Everyone hooted and hollered while the single men stood in a line. Luke shot the garter over his shoulder and everyone groaned when my nine year old cousin, Billy, caught it.

After that "Anthony" took a long dagger out of its sheath and "Cleopatra" stood in front of him with her hands on his while he cut the wedding cake. They lovingly fed each other a piece. The wedding cake was a beautiful devils food cake with cherry filling and golden frosting. It looked too beautiful to eat, but after I tasted how good it was--no problem.

After Bertha and Luke thanked everyone for coming they left in a white limo. The rest of us stayed a while longer and danced while Luke and Bertha were off to their honeymoon in Egypt. I had an amazing time. I want my wedding to be so much fun when I get married.


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