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The Florida Keys

Boca Chita

Boca Chita - An island located in Biscayne Bay National Park
Boca Chita is a small island that is located approximately 12 miles south of the Cape Florida
lighthouse on Key Biscayne, and Boca Chita Key is located approximately 9 miles from Convoy Point.
At one point, Boca Chita was privately owned and as the owner was preparing the island for
his own private use until which time was wife was fatally injured on the island. She later passed away
and he found the memories too deep to continue to work on developing the property.
Boca Chita is now owned and operated by the U.S. National park services.
The fish are abundant, the water is clear, the location beautiful and facilities clean.
All vessels must conform to Coast Guard regulations. Personal watercraft (jet skis) are prohibited

Carry out all of your trash; do not bury it, leave it, or dispose of it in the toilets.
Saltwater Toilets
No sinks or showers

Winds and Weather
Summer Thunderstorms
Hurricane season is
June through November
Prepare for sudden wind and
changes at any time!

Fishing Regulations
State salt water fishing licenses are required. Biscayne Bay is a lobster sanctuary and lobstering is not permitted there. Full updated fishing regulations are available from any Park Ranger.
Do not dispose of any fish remains in the harbor or within 200 feet of the no wake zone.
On Boca Chita Key, fishing is allowed, but not in the harbor, the no wake zone, the creek leading into the wetlands, or the western bulkhead of the island.

$10 per night per campsite
Up to 6 people - 2 tents

$15 per night per boat
Pay fees prior to 6 P.M.

Tent camping is permitted in designated areas and is limited to fourteen (14) consecutive days or no more than thirty (30) days within a calendar year. Reservations are not accepted as the camp sites are available on a fist-come, first-served basis.
In designated areas marked
by a "C" on BBQ grill post.
Group sites designated by a
"G" on BBQ grill post.
All tents must be in vicinity of the grill.
Picnic areas have a "P" on the grill post. Do not move picnic tables.

Swimming is not permitted within the harbor, the no wake zone, or in designated turtle/bird nesting zones.

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. During quiet hours all noise must be kept to a minimum and generators or other machinery must be turned off. At other times, noise or music must be at a reasonable level and not infringe on other visitors.
Important Supplies
Fresh water-1gal.@ person @ day,
Insect spray, compass, nautical charts, anchor, sunscreen, sunglasses, rain gear and tent with insect netting.

Nautical Charts
The charts are necessary for navigating your vessel through the shallow bay and coral reef areas. NOAA nautical chart #11451 "Miami to Marathon and Florida Bay" that includes all of Biscayne National Park. Order your chart from Florida National Parks and Monument Association, 10 Parachute Key #51, Homestead, FL 33034, 305-247-1216 or order online at

Protected Resources
All plants, animals, and artifacts are protected! Do not disturb them!

Do not cut mangroves or any other vegetation in any manner.
Do not hang, tie, or attach anything from trees or structures.
Coconuts may only be collected from the ground.

No pets allowed on Boca Chita Key.
No pets allowed on vessels in the harbor or attached to the island.

The sand beaches are closed from May 1 - August 15 for sea turtle and shorebird nesting.

Fires must be kept in grills and personal grills may not be placed on the boardwalk (dock), or picnic tables.
Dead and downed wood may be collected for burning only in the vicinity of the campgrounds.

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