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Some tips about ordering your wedding cake:

1) Estimate the numbers of guests you'll have at your reception. Just a round figure that can be adjusted once we have an better idea of what you want. Example: 50 to 75, 100 to 125, We can do small adjustments once you receive all the RSVP's
2) Decide on the flavor. And don't be shy. Pick your favorite (it's your wedding, after all). We will guide you in your selection so that your cake is every bit as tasty as beautiful.
3) Note WHERE you'll be having your reception. Sunset on the bay can make for a beautiful ceremony but the weather presents special challenges to icings and fillings. Certain types of decoration look great in a Ball Room of the hotel but a strong wind out side just don't work. Just let us know what you plan so Chef Robert can make sure your cake is Florida-friendly.
4) Decide whether you'd like your cake to be stacked, tiered or arranged on a cake stand. Look at the examples on our website instead of in The Bride Magazine. Each cake is CUSTOM made just for the individual Bride so it's best to START with something we already know works for our area.
5) Think about the "look" of your cake. Look at our samples to get some ideas. Do you like round or square? Don't forget the "Cake Table".... Welcome Bags, Favors or Pastries for a morning after treat.
6) Enjoy! Keep it FUN, Keep it SIMPLE, Let someone else that has years of experience do all the worrying, you just sit back and smile pretty for the camera! We want to enjoy the process just as much as you do!!

Cake Flavors:

Key Lime (made with real Key limes!)
Orange Sunshine (after all its Florida)
Vanilla (very soft and white)
Yellow Cake (a classic)
Chocolate (the world's favorite)

Buttercream Icing Flavors:
Vanilla, Key Lime, both are white and can be used for delicate decorating.
Other Icings:
Rolled Fondant.. That's the smooth one you see on all the TV shows. It's not as tasty as Buttercream but if it's that hard smooth look you re going for then that's your choice. Fudge..... Well, what can I say... There are no laws saying you can't have a chocolate Wedding Cake.
Buttercream Fillings:
Vanilla, Key Lime, Raspberry, Strawberry Other Fillings:
Fudge, Pastry Cream

Ordering & Payment:

Place your order as soon as possible. Call two weeks prior to reconfirm all the details or to make any last minute changes. Payment in full is due prior to delivery. Cash, Check or Make A Payment online.


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