Hawaii's Top 5 Most Romantic Hideaways

You're dreaming of your honeymoon, that first glorious week of being alone together. It's just you and him, man and wife. But those piercingly sweet days run by quickly, so make sure to appreciate each golden moment. We've put together a list of Hawaii's most romantic hideaways - the rest is up to you.
Catch The Sunset At Hanalei Beach
Hanalei Beach, an arching crest of golden sand, is a favorite of Kauai residents for its warm, placid water and stunning scenery. The beach is wonderful in the day, but honeymooners should visit at sunset, when most of the locals have left. Take a walk out on Hanalei pier, sit next to each other with your legs dangling over the edge, and watch the sun set. When you've got your head on your spouse's shoulder, it feels like the whole spectacular show is just for you.
Swim Under A Waterfall
Oahu is most famous for the hectic glitter of Waikiki, but if you take the time to look, you'll discover the island is dotted with secret getaways. For an afternoon of utter bliss, pack a picnic and stroll down the Manoa Falls Trail. After a gentle mile, the bright green ferns open up to reveal a sparkling white waterfall and a freshwater pool. While this charming spot can be popular, you can always sneak behind the waterfall for a kiss.
Hold Hands On The Na Pali Coast
Picture bright blue waves sending up spires of spray against plunging black cliffs. Kauai's Na Pali Coast shares its rugged beauty with only the most intrepid visitors. Because there's no road, the only way to experience Na Pali is by boat, by foot, or by air. It's a splurge, but treat yourself to a helicopter ride. With no one around for miles, you'll share some of the world's most spectacular scenery with your new spouse. You'll be wearing helicopter headphones, so the only way you'll be able to communicate< is by holding hands. It's a feeling that's too overwhelming for words, but somehow your clasped hands say everything you want.
Experience Hawaii On Horseback
The best way indulge in a relaxed day with your spouse and explore hidden Hawaii is on the back of a horse. Schedule a day-long private ride, and meander along trails that take you through rain forests, along the coast line, and even to freshwater ponds and waterfalls. Our favorite ride takes you past Maui's Haleakala mountains for a picnic next to a tropical stream. The lazy, clip-clopping pace makes the day -- and your honeymoon -- stretch out deliciously.
Take A Boat To Molokini
Off the coast of Maui, there's a semi-circular ridge peeking above the waves. It's Molokini, a partially submerged volcano that attracts snorkelers, divers and those who simply want to take a dip in the ocean. Take an early morning boat trip to Molokini when the sun is just coming up and the crowds are thin. Being alone in warm water with just your husband and school after school of bright tropical fish is an experience you'll never forget.


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