Announcements: Contacts at Major Papers

Unlike getting your mug on the National Enquirer's front page, getting your engagement or wedding announcement in the paper has nothing to do with wealth, beauty, or fame. Your fate simply depends on deadlines, how much space the newspaper can devote to wedding-related announcements that day, a possible fee, and (yikes) who you know.

Decide where you want your announcements to appear -- to-be-weds who live in different cities than their parents should send announcements to hometown newspapers as well as their own local papers. A telephone call to each newspaper's wedding or announcement desk is an easy way to obtain information on what details to submit. Most include couple's names, occupations, schooling, as well as information on both sets of parents.

Call the contact numbers below for specific guidelines:

The New York Times, (212) 556-7325; no fee, must send at least six weeks in advance. Fax announcement to (212)
556-7689; or email Also, will run your engagement announcement for a small fee -- the deal also includes an online photo gallery and guest book.

Dallas Morning News, (214) 977-8408; no fee.

Chicago Tribune, (312) 222-4049; no fee, only for those who live or work in the Chicago area.

Boston Globe, (617) 929-2792; no fee. Fax announcement to (617) 929-2813.

Atlanta Constitution, (404) 526-5151 or; fees start at $29.99 for basic online announcement and run up to $230+ for the premium package (newspaper and online publishing).

Miami Herald, (305) 350-2111; fee starts at $108-$189 with picture, $43-$97 without picture, depending on announcement length.

Washington Post, (800) 627-1150,; fee

LA Times, (213) 237-5000, no fee


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