Buying Loose Diamonds Online

The Advantages To Buying A Loose Diamond

While most people buy their engagement rings from a traditional jeweler, another lesser-know option is to buy a “loose” diamond online and get it set at your local jeweler. Sound scary? We take the mystery out of this relatively new option.

Why a loose diamond? When you buy a pre-set ring, you’re paying for the stone(s), the setting, and the work it took to set the stone(s) all together. When you purchase a diamond on its own, every penny of the purchase price is going towards the four Cs: the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight of the stone. By concentrating on the stone by itself, you are free to search for the exact rock you want and choose the perfect setting later; you are not limited to whatever stone has been pre-set in each setting choice.

Why buy online? The biggest draw to buying a diamond online is the price. Online jewelers travel to South America, Europe, Africa, and Russia to select quality rough diamonds, which they bring back to polishing facilities. After expert cutters polish the diamond to bring out its beauty and value, the diamond goes directly from the jeweler to you, which removes the cost of a middleman (i.e., high quality, low price). There is also the convenience factor of researching and choosing the perfect stone right from your computer.

Is it safe? While you may be nervous about buying such a precious and expensive gem online, a reputable company will give you up to a month to evaluate your diamond so you can get the stone appraised and return it for a refund if you’re not satisfied. It’s also important that the company gives you certification of your diamond from a highly-regarded laboratory, such as the EGL, AGS, GIA or AGSL. Certification is a diamond-grading report by an official gemologist who has analyzed the dimensions, clarity, cut, color, finish, and symmetry under a microscope.

Any more tips? We suggest you study up on the four C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) online before you shop, and search for the best quality diamond that you can get from your budget (don’t forget to factor in how much your setting will cost). Let the shopping begin!


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