Catholic Wedding Traditions and Preparations

Referred to as the Sacrament of Marriage, either the bride or the groom is typically required to be a registered member the Parish where they plan to get married for a few months.

If neither is a member, they should talk to the Pastor and, typically, show that they are active members in the Parish. This typically means making donations to support the church

The couple typically begins sacramental preparation at least six months to a year prior to the desired wedding date. After an initial meeting with the Priest (or deacon), who will be presiding at the wedding ceremony. The couple typically takes a Communications test and discuss the results with the Priest. The wedding date is then set and the couple typically gets to choose one of the Marriage Preparation Classes available at the parish which may include:

• Pre-Cana Classes
• Single day program
• Couple to Couple
• Engaged Encounter Weekend

For assistance in planning their wedding liturgy, the couple is asked to attend a presentation offered by the parish that suggests appropriate music for a Catholic wedding. After attending this presentation, the couple meets with a liturgy coordinator or organist to plan their particular wedding liturgy at approximately two months prior to their wedding date


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