The engagement photograph is sent to your local newspapers, along with information announcing your engagement to the public. This announcement is usually made by the bride's parents or her immediate family.

Things To Consider: The photograph (usually in black and white) was traditionally of the bride alone, but today is usually of the engaged couple.


If you intend to announce your marriage in the newspaper the day after your wedding, you will need to have a formal bridal portrait taken several weeks before the wedding. This is a photograph of the bride taken before the wedding in the photographer's studio. This photograph, along with an announcement, must be sent to your local newspapers as soon as possible.

Things To Consider: Some fine bridal salons provide an attractive background where the bride may arrange to have her formal bridal photograph taken after the final fitting of her gown. This will save you the hassle of bringing your gown and headpiece to the photographer's studio and dressing up once again.


• What is the name and phone number of the photographer?
• What is the address of the photographer?
• How many years of experience do you have as a photographer?
• What percentage of your business is dedicated to weddings?
• Approximately how many weddings have you photographed?
• Are you the person who will photograph my wedding?
• Will you bring an assistant with you to my wedding?
• How do you typically dress for weddings?
• Do you have a professional studio?
• What type of equipment do you use?
• Do you bring backup equipment with you to weddings?
• Do you visit the ceremony and reception sites prior to the wedding?
• Do you have liability insurance?
• Are you skilled in diffused lighting & soft focus?
• Can you take studio portraits?
• Can you retouch negatives?
• Can negatives be purchased? If so, what is the cost?
• What is the cost of the package I am interested in?
• What is your payment policy?
• What is your cancellation policy?
• Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
• Do you use proofs?
• How many proofs will I get?
• When will I get my proofs?
• When will I get my album?
• What is the cost of an engagement portrait? Formal bridal portrait?
• What is the cost of a parent album?
• What is the cost of a 5" x 7" reprint?
• What is the cost of an 8" x 10" reprint?
• What is the cost of an 11" x 14" reprint?
• What is the cost per additional hour of shooting at the wedding


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