Easy Online Tuxedo Planning

Whether you're a bride or groom, one thing's certain: on your wedding day, you want the groom and groomsmen to look just as elegant as the bride and bridesmaids. You want a wide selection of styles to choose from, good value, and a way to keep things simple. You also want to make the tuxedo rental process easier on you and your out-of-town groomsmen.
You should consider registering your wedding with a formalwear store online. The big names in the formalwear business are on the Web, and can offer you all these benefits - and in some cases, some terrific formalwear planning and style assistance tools.
Getting Started
Finding your style online: Selecting a tuxedo style and the coordinating accessories is the first step. Sure, you could pound the pavement, looking through the stores. But first, why not visit the store Web sites? Browsing online is by far the easiest way to see which stores have tuxedo styles you like, or which vest colors coordinate best with bridesmaids' dresses. And while some stores may feature styles they'd like to rent or sell most prominently, the best sites let you browse through a complete catalog of their inventory.
Learning the Terms: Confused by "tuxedo lingo?" Relax - if you don't know a shawl collar from a notched collar, most Web sites offer help sections, with definitions of terms, and tips on selecting the right tuxedo and finishing touches for your body type and personal style.
Mixing, Matching - even Emailing Your Selections
Get The Perfect Match: So you've surfed the sites and found a formalwear store you want to work with, a few tuxedo styles you like - and that burgundy vest looks sharp, too. But will they look good together? You may be able to find out before you visit the store. Some retailers have taken Web tuxedo shopping to the next level. For example, After Hours Formalwear offers a Create a TuxTM feature, that lets shoppers mix and match tuxedo styles with vests and ties to create hundreds of possible combinations for different looks.
Email Your Options: Will the best man like the tux you've selected? A few sites offer the option of making selections you can show via email to your wedding party. With the After Hours Web site's Dressing Room Function, you simply select your choices on tuxedos and accessories, and send the link to your groomsmen to get their feedback.
Check out Web Specials: And then, there are the deals. Make sure you don't miss any specials your provider's Web site may offer. When you register online, some formalwear retailers provide discounts, either by Web coupons or a free groom's tuxedo rental.
Bringing it All Together
Opt for Easy Out-of-Town Planning: If you and your groomsmen live in different cities or states, registering your wedding online offers some distinct advantages. In addition to being able to view styles by email, a few sites feature a printable measurement form that the men in your wedding party can take with them to a local store, so their measurements can be taken and faxed or emailed back to the bride or groom. And most sites have store locators to help your groomsmen to find the most convenient locations - in some cases, providing emailed maps and directions. It's just one more example of how using the Web can streamline your tuxedo rental process.
So when it's time to dress the men participating in your wedding day of a lifetime, don't hesitate to use the Internet to eliminate hassles, save time and money, and get great looks that make everyone look great!


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