How To Get The Groom Involved With Your Registry

Every time you turn around, someone is reminding you that the wedding is "Your Day." But for you, getting married is about being together and making decisions with a trusted partner. Shouldn't the wedding qualify as a "Day For You Both"? As a matter of fact, why are you organizing the reception, setting up your registry and doing the legwork all by yourself anyway? Where is he? Don't worry. With our quick advice, it's easy to get the groom involved... and get some much-needed help.

Request His Presence
Remind your honey that even if you've been dreaming of this day since attending the lovely basement wedding of Barbie and Ken, you don't actually have much planning experience. Let him know you value his input, appreciate his ideas and need his help. He is the man of your dreams, your soul mate and "The One," so perhaps all you need to do is ask for his help.

Be Enticing
It's much easier to get a groom involved when you have fun, even tempting activities for him to do. For example, who wouldn't want to go to a cake tasting? Get him started with the groom-pleasing planning activities below.

Get Gifted
You might have a hard time getting your honey excited about crystal and china, but guess what? Today's registries are often far from traditional. Entice him with the idea of registering for that swanky leather club chair he's always wanted, or a top-of-the-line grill to make his guy friends jealous. Remind him that a handsome set of barware he picked out himself could add a touch of masculinity to your home, and encourage him further with visions of athletic equipment, camping gear and fishing tackle.
Choose a store that's sure to appeal to both of you, and create your first registry together there. Once he's held that registry wand in his hand and chosen the wedding gifts he most wants, he's sure to realize that registering can actually be a lot of fun.

Band Bonding
It's impossible to drag him out of the record store, and he has an unnatural attachment to his stereo equipment. Put his love for music to good use and ask him to put together a song list for the reception. Remember, if you ask him to choose your first dance, he might decide on Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon." Then again, he might pick Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven." The point is, if you have clear ideas about what you want -- or what you don't -- make the decision together.

Honeymoon Help
Should you lounge by a beach in Bermuda or snorkel off an island in Hawaii? It's not hard to get swept away in travel plans, and even the word "honeymoon" is sure to perk his interest. Asking him to take charge of the honeymoon is a great way to get him in planning mode. You never know -- once he sees it's not that hard to book your honeymoon, maybe you can convince him to book something else... such as the photographer or the limo.

Your Guy Friday
If tempting isn't your style, try giving him tasks that he has experience with. He might not like to make wedding decisions on his own, but every wedding-planning maven can use a business manager. He's probably the perfect person to keep track of receipts, files, contracts, scheduling, and appointments.
Also be mindful that your groom's hesitance to pitch in may stem more from fear of messing up the big day than from lack of interest. After all, he's probably hearing the wedding is "Your Day" just as much as you are. Be open, honest and realistic about your visions, potential decisions and tasks. Not only will you plan a wedding that reflects both of you, the journey that you take together will truly mirror the spirit of marriage.


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