Honeymoon Checklist

After having spent months on end planning your perfect wedding... paying attention to every detail. The Wedding is over!... and you find yourself now on a romantic, warm, powdery beach... just you and the one you love. You'll come to realize that the only thing better than a perfect wedding is a perfect honeymoon.

Are you ready? Use this honeymoon checklist to ensure you've covered all the details.

Six Months Before Departure
Discuss the specific type of honeymoon you and your spouse desires. A tropical resort... A European vacation... A cruise.... Ask your friends and family members for recommendations on honeymoon destinations, hotels, and resorts. Set a budget and stick to it. Include everything... from airline tickets to accommodations... to spending money to... tips....
Locate a travel agent and begin reading up on destinations. Begin the process of securing passports if you don't already have them.

Five Months Before Departure
Finalize your choice of travel agent and honeymoon destination. Be sure to explore special packages and discounts created just for honeymooners. If you're making your own reservations, begin to research hotels, airlines, and car-rental companies. Make sure your passport applications have been submitted....

Three Months Before Departure
Make your reservations and send in all necessary deposits. Keep all records of your reservations and confirmation numbers, as well as the telephone numbers of your travel agent, hotel, and car rental company....
When purchasing airline tickets, have your travel agent confirm your seat assignments and issue your boarding passes. Ask what official travel documents you will need.
Arrange to get passports and visas if necessary.

Two Months Before Departure

Add items such as luggage, a travel iron, beach towels, and blow dryer to your registry. Check on the inoculation requirements for the country you will be visiting. Start putting together a list of things you will want to pack.

One Month Before Departure
Buy luggage, camera, and sunglasses.
If you already own a camera, make sure it's in working order and pack more film than you think you'll need. .
Buy extra batteries
Buy trip insurance
Make sure all of your credit cards are up-to-date.
Make a copy of your travel itinerary, along with phone numbers where you can be reached, to leave with someone at home in case of emergency.
Make a list of everything you will need for your trip including clothes, toiletries, and accessories.

One Week Before Departure
Get traveler's checks..
Pack all medication in your carry-on bag.
Pack a change of clothes and any other essentials - such as a toothbrush or contact lens supplies - in your carry-on bag in case your suitcases get lost or stolen.
Reconfirm all reservations.
Pack all of your un-crushable items - T-shirts, socks, underwear, bathing suits - ahead of time.
Make a list of all the valuables you are carrying, including the numbers of your credit cards and traveler's checks, and put copies in your luggage.
If you will need foreign currency for your honeymoon, exchange at least enough money ahead of time to get you from the airport to your hotel.

Day of Departure
Make sure that you have your money and any travel documents (passports, hotel confirmations) in your carry-on baggage -- not packed in your checked luggage.
Reconfirm the flight once again right before you leave home.
Arrive at the airport early to avoid any last-minute problems -- one hour for domestic flights, two hours for international flights.
Reconfirm all reservations.


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