Jumping the broom is a popular African-American wedding tradition that symbolizes the sweeping away of the old and the welcoming of the new.

1. Select a time to perform this tradition. Either at the very end of the ceremony or during the reception would be appropriate.

2. Call your guests to gather around you and your new spouse.

3. Place the broom on the floor and stand in front of it.

4. Ask a family member or friend to narrate the history of this custom. It stems back to the time when slaves were prevented from marrying. They developed this ritual as a way to unite in ceremony.

5. Suggest that the narrator explain to guests that you are re-creating the ceremony as a way to represent the joining together of two lives and the need for support of the marriage from the entire community.

6. Hold the broom with your spouse as the narrator shares this important information.

7. Sweep the broom in a circle together until the story is finished.

8. Place the broom on the floor and hold hands with your spouse.

9. Ask the guests to count out loud to three.

10. Jump over the broom together.


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