Match Your Reception Site To Your Style

Brides are well known for infusing their style into as many wedding details as possible -- the dress, the cake, the flowers. But personalizing your wedding day can go way beyond the details. Check out our favorite suggestions for matching the perfect reception site to your style.

Nothing cries ‘romance’ like tons of flowers -– so if your ideal reception site requires a certain degree of dreaminess, a garden could be the perfect backdrop. Many hotels have beautifully kept gardens where they will cheerfully set up a wedding luncheon amid the blossoms, and private estates also often have fairy-tale grounds available for set up. A garden reception comes equipped with all of the beautiful blooms a romantic-at-heart could want… and can even take place in your own back yard.

If you’re determined to break the wedding mold, a one-of-a-kind reception site is a must. Consider renting out a museum for the night (or even one floor) so guests can dine among amazing works of art. If you’re willing to bring in everything from tables to tablecloths, an empty loft let’s you design your site to your specifications from the ground up. A beautiful theatre can be converted into (literally) the backdrop of your dreams, with tons of room of dancing built right in. Let your imagination run amuck, and DON’T ask your friends for referrals.

When it comes to classics, the grand ballroom ranks extremely high with brides. There’s just something about the towering ceilings, sweeping entryways, larger-than-life decor that makes a girl feel like a princess. High-end hotels often feature a choice of ballrooms to match the size of your guest list, and the staff is well versed in handling formal affairs. A beautifully upscale restaurant can accommodate a smaller guest list, although you’ll probably want to rent the entire establishment (or a large, private room) to set yourself apart from the public. A restaurant will also come with most (if not all) of the amenities, a choice of menus, and gorgeous décor.

If your style is on the edge, shouldn’t your reception site be edgy as well? A rooftop setting gives dinner and dancing a breath of fresh air -- not to mention a glorious view -– and can be had for minimal fuss at a high-rise hotel. Partying poolside is considered super chic if the surroundings are luxe and the pool particularly posh -– think dozens of pillar candles reflecting off the water and Chinese lanterns strung overhead. Throw in some jazzy cocktails and some Ratpack tunes, and your reception will cement your standing as the queen of cool.


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