Proposals: 10 Trendy Proposal Tips

Ninety percent of girls say they want to be surprised when proposal time rolls around, even though it might not seem that way when she's snooping for a ring. Whoever pops the question (yes, it's OK for girls to ask), it's a story you're going to be telling again and again, so make sure it's a good one. Need some advice on how to wow? Here's a look at the latest trends in proposals -- tailor the ideas to your own situations, and then ask away!

The Birthday Dinner
Here's the ruse: Dinner at a fancy restaurant for your "birthday" has nothing to do with candles and cake -- that's just the clever excuse to throw you off the scent. Meanwhile, the ring appears in a scallop shell (posing as a first course), in a glass of bubbly (flutes ready for toasting!), or directly from your soon-to-be fiancé.

The Girls' Getaway
Often, a wily boyfriend will ask his girlfriend's friends to be accomplices in pulling off a big surprise. Who better than the gals who know her best to make sure she doesn't suspect a thing? We're seeing a lot of faux "girls vacations" -- the unsuspecting girl expects a fun trip with pals, but when she shows up at the airport with her friends, he's there to whisk her away, with a new ring for her finger.

The Norm
If you live with your mate, and you've been dating a while, it might be best to propose at home, throwing off your fiancé-to-be. Clever roommates learn their beloved's habits, and do everything from placing a ring in the refrigerator (quite a midnight snack), to putting it in the bathroom for the bride to find in the middle of the night when she really just had to go! Up the surprise factor by doing it on a regular old Thursday night -- then call in "sick" the next day for an extended three-day-weekend celebration!

The Clever Trick
Change the outcome of a normal, everyday event into a proposal. Watch the same TV show every Tuesday night? This time, turn on a prearranged videotape with your nuptial message queued up. Like to play board games? Pre-plan your Scrabble letters to create a "marry me" message on the board. We promise, in this instance, you'll be forgiven for cheating.

When you think about it it, isn't the moment you guys first met one of the most romantic moments of your life? Your entire relationship evolved from that point. Copy the details of this first encounter in your proposal. Wear the same clothes, go to the same Indian restaurant for dinner, even bring the conversation back to the same awkward first-date topics. When the moment is right, spring the ring!

The Scavenger Hunt
Plan an intricate scavenger hunt with clues on everything from favorite foods to places you've been together. This might involve other people, places, and things, but what better way to show your love than an elaborate plan that ends with a ring and a wedding date?

Help from Strangers
Lately, we're seeing a lot of involvement from strangers in couple's proposals, which has the benefit of really throwing off the fiancé-to-be. One lucky woman walked out of her office to find each person she saw on the street (and there were many of them, as she was in a busy area of New York City) approaching her with a single flower, and then leading her to where her creative guy was waiting with a ring in hand. (Awwww.)

The One More Thing
Employ the "one more gift" tactic: Get your honey a special birthday or holiday gift. Make like that's it and the exchange is over. If your future fiancé suspected the proposal was coming, they'll think it's not happening this time. Then, suddenly remember a gift you'd forgotten, and pull out that ring!

Puppy Love
Whether your first "kid" is a puppy, cat or goldfish, if you're co-owners of a pet, it can be fun to get Fido involved in the proposal. Attach the ring to the dog's collar or place a "Will you marry me?" sign around the kitty's neck -- then make sure to include your furry friend in the eventual walk down the aisle.

She Asks Him
More and more women are taking the plunge and doing the asking themselves. This is a sure bet for a surprise proposal, and will likely make him happy to know he can get her a ring she'll love, since they can go together to make that big purchase. Use the tips above to get creative and have fun, since in the end, it doesn't matter how you ask as long as the answer is "yes"!


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