The Top Five Reasons to Choose a Tahitian Honeymoon

Tahiti is known as the “Island of Love”, so it’s no wonder why so many couples choose this paradise as their post-wedding destination. Here are the top reasons why a Tahitian honeymoon is the perfect choice for you!
1. Unsurpassed Beauty
Situated among the numerous islands that comprise the French Polynesia, Tahiti is a stunning paradise unique in its landscape. In addition to beautiful beaches and warm lagoon waters, it features a mountainous interior, with deep valleys, soaring waterfalls, and majestic green peaks. Fragrant tropical flowers surround the coastline, and the tip of the peninsula boasts distinctive black-sand beaches. When exploring this dramatic environment, try hiking, horseback riding, a helicopter tour, or a nature walk. For a general overview of the island’s hotspots, the famous Circle Island Tour will bring you through the most popular tourist locations.
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2. Romantic Seclusion and Relaxation
Your honeymoon is your chance for quality alone time. Plenty of luxury resorts offer over-water bungalows, which have fast become the epitome of what a vacation in the French Polynesia is all about. Providing the ideal romantic atmosphere and complete privacy, a stay in one of these love dens is a must for any honeymooning couple. Each thatch-roofed hideaway is set over the island’s sparkling lagoon and comes complete with luxury amenities and a private balcony perfect for canoodling while watching the sunset.
3. Adventure
Once you’ve had your fill of rest and relaxation, get your heart pumping with some island adventure. Take advantage of the warm weather, beautiful beaches, and crystal-clear lagoons with a day of water sport fun. From swimming to snorkeling, you’ll find something for every level and interest. If you’re an avid scuba diver, the underwater world will bring you face to face with multi-colored tropical fish, moray eels, manta rays, sharks, sea turtles, and bright coral walls. Even if you have no scuba experience, there are plenty of companies that offer instruction in diving and other popular activities, such as sailing, surfing, and kite boarding. For action on dry ground, don’t miss out on the popular thrill of a 4x4 safari. This ride through the interior of the island will lead you through lush green peaks and provide you with spectacular views of tropical scenery and impressive waterfalls.
4. Tahitian Culture
Although French control over Tahiti has resulted in a unique mix of Polynesian and European cultures, many Tahitians have maintained their ancient heritage through traditional activities such as dance performances, canoe outrigger races, and celebratory festivals. To truly experience how Polynesian couples traditionally celebrate their love, consider having a Tahitian wedding ceremony. Don’t worry – you won’t have to do any of the planning this time! Although this ceremony is not legally binding in the United States, it presents a great way to continue your wedding celebration and revel in your commitment to one another. As this is a very popular activity among visiting newlyweds, hotels will be happy to arrange the ceremony, complete with a Tahitian priest, bright costumes, fragrant flowers, traditional music, and Polynesian dancers.
5. The Black Pearl
The black pearl is Tahiti’s biggest export and a vital part of its economy. As a symbol of purity and power, its distinct grayish-black luster makes it a precious treasure to natives and tourists alike. An average-quality black pearl will run you about one hundred dollars, so be sure you learn how to assess their value before making a purchase. You can get all the info you need with a tour of the black pearl farms and a trip to the Tahiti Perles Museum. Once you’ve studied all the details of buying, use your newfound knowledge to hunt for that perfect souvenir pearl (or string of pearls!) to take back home.


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