Tropical Or European Honeymoon: Which One is For You?

After months of making decisions about your wedding, the question of where in the world to honeymoon may seem like one decision too many. But once you figure out what type of honeymoon you want, narrowing down a location becomes much easier. Ask yourself the questions below, and see if a tropical or European honeymoon is for you.
What's your favorite kind of weather?
Are you a sun worshipper, or do you love the cold? Do extreme temperatures in either direction make you miserable? Tropical vacations are known for their fabulous warm weather, a real boon if you're honeymooning during the winter months and want to escape the cold. European vacations can go either way: Scotland, for instance, has cool temperatures year-round, while the French Riviera is sunny and warm. If moderate temperatures are more your bag, England is usually not too hot or too cold. If tan in a bikini is how you picture yourself on your honeymoon, a tropical trip is a no-brainer; if a sarong isn't your style, you may want to look into one of the beautiful European countries where the temperatures vary.
What do you want to see when you get there?
The trouble with honeymoons is that you might be smack in the middle of a great place on the planet that you may never see again, but getting out of your room to sightsee may not be a priority. If lazy days of lying on the sand and frolicking in the water are your idea of a heavenly honeymoon, a trip to the tropics is the ticket. If you do decide to venture off the beach and outside your hotel room, there are plenty of water sports and natural sights to see. But if your idea of romance is a whirlwind of amazing restaurants, fantastic museums, and visiting incredible historic landmarks, a trip to Europe is a must. And if you can't resist spending at least a little time on the beach, Europe has those too!
What's your traveling style?
You should definitely consider how good you are at traveling before choosing where to go. There are a variety of European countries where adjusting isn't hard - for example, you can pretty much waltz into Great Britain and get along fine as long as you have your paperwork in order. However, if you're open to tackling a language barrier and are open to trying different foods, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy the wonders of France or another exciting country. If the thought of not being fluent in a foreign land fills you with terror, an island that caters to tourists can give you a fabulous change of scenery with a gentle transition that won't rock the boat.
What kind of vibe are you looking for?
Easy going, or high energy? Laid back, or fast paced? The pace on a tropical vacation can be whatever you want it to be: lazy if you want to loll, and go-go-go if you want to hike, parasail, dive, and explore. However, the overall vibe tends to be one of slowing down and taking your time. If the idea of taking it easy doesn't appeal, consider checking out the areas of Europe where the pace of the people is electric and there's so much to see and do you won't want to slow down. Look to the locals of wherever destination you're considering and take your cue from them.
Your honeymoon is a trip that you'll always remember; make sure to chose the right type of setting for your beautiful memories.


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