Wedding Photography: How Couples Benefit From Online Photo Showcasing

Wedding Photography: How Couples Benefit From Online Photo ShowcasingWedding photography has definitely changed since your parents got married. Many professional photographers have made the switch to digital (doing away with the worry of lost or damaged film), and more photographers in general are using online photo showcasing through companies like Pictage for their busy clients. See why today's couples love the marriage between professional photography and modern technology.

Gone are the days of waiting months to view your wedding photos. Today, photographers who offer online photo showcasing can provide digital images within days of your event, and print photographs within weeks of you placing the order. And forget about finding time to meet your photographer at the studio -- you can view your photos as often as you wish online, day or night! Images are organized by category for easy viewing, and can also be browsed in full size, thumbnails, or by slideshow.

You've heard the stories: The couple that got stuck paying for all the prints their friends and family asked them to order; the couple that couldn't order their album because their parents held onto the proofs; or the couple that couldn't share their beautiful wedding photos with out-of-town friends and family. All of those wedding photo problems can be easily avoided with online photo showcasing through companies such as Pictage. Not only are your wedding photos viewable to anyone with access to the Internet (and your permission, of course), but friends and family can order -- and pay for -- as many prints as they want. Online photo showcasing allows you to email guests directly when images are available for viewing; you can even choose which photos are "public" (for general viewing), and "private" (for the two of you to see).

Wedding Photography: How Couples Benefit From Online Photo ShowcasingSelecting
How are you supposed to know how many 8x10s you'll end up wanting? And what if your favorite reception photo shows a waiter in the background? These and other concerns can be headed off at the pass with online photo showcasing. You (and your guests) get to choose how many photos you want, in as many sizes as you want. You can also customize shots by choosing tone preferences (Black and White, Sepia, or Color), borders, and cropping and zooming.

Traditional photography meant that your photos took up space at the photographer's studio, so a time limit would be set on how long the photos were on file. If anything happened to your wedding album four or five years after the wedding, there was no way you could re-order prints. Online photo showcasing allows you to archive your wedding photos electronically as high-resolution images -- making them accessible to you and your family (as you have Internet access). Since multiple copies of all of your wedding images are stored in different locations, you can rest assured that not a single image will ever be lost.

Photos by Robert Evans, a Pictage partner


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