What is a bridesmaid? Being a great attendant

A bridesmaid is first and foremost someone who the bride wants to be a part of her wedding. Perhaps she is a sister, or a very close friend; her friendship and support of the marriage is very meaningful. More than that, a bridesmaid and/or maid-of-honor serves a practical purpose. During the hectic time of planning a wedding, she is a confidant, advice giver, doer of menial tasks, errand runner and more. A bride should have at least one bridesmaid (preferably the maid-of-honor) who is reliable, cheerfully helpful, organized, and who lives close to the bride.

A bridesmaid’s duties include:

Additionally, a bride may ask her bridesmaid to organize vendors, to assist elderly guests, and to help with other details such as seating plans, guest lists and more.
There is a considerable expense involved in being a bridesmaid, including cost of apparel, travel and hotel room for the ceremony, hosting a party, as well as a shower gift and a wedding gift. A bridesmaid can save money by asking others to pitch in for the showers, wearing a dress she already owns (if that’s okay with the bride), making her own dress, and staying with friends. She can give her friend the gift of time - i.e., the gift of addressing and stuffing the invitations. Also, a bride may pay for some of the expenses if her budget allows it.
Planning a bachelorette party should be a fun experience for a bridesmaid to toast the bride and have a blast with both new and old friends. The party planner should be sure to keep the bride in mind always. Just because the wild maid-of-honor might want a stripper doesn’t mean the bride will. Consider if the bride is more a gambling-in-Vegas type of gal, or a sitting-by-the-pool-with-a-white-wine-spritzer girl. You might want to visit Bachelorette Party Themes to get some ideas and hints. Most of all, a bachelorette party should be a unique amazing experience that’s both a total blast and an enormous bonding time.


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