Why "Free" Site Coordinators Are Not Enough

One of the most common responses I receive when calling couples about my services is "we don't need a coordinator or consultant -- our reception site provides one for free". This seems like a great deal, right? You want to know where you can get a free coordinator, too, don't you? Well, read on to learn why putting your faith in a free site coordinator may teach you a very unpleasant lesson about getting what you pay for.
Consider the budget savvy bride I know who thought that the coordinator provided by her reception site was a great deal. She thought she'd received a great deal -- a wedding coordinator included with the site -- how much better could it get? She poured over details with the coordinator making sure that this individual knew all of the tiniest details of her day. Imagine her surprise then when, on the day of the wedding, she learned that the coordinator had quit just the day before. Sure, she left her notes behind, but they were insufficient to give those who were tasked with taking over at the last minute a clear picture of what was to happen. As a result, many things didn't and the dear bride was forced to let them go or spend her entire day fighting fires to have the day she'd originally envisioned.
Does this story sound too awful to be true? Or are you thinking it might be true, but this will never happen to me? If so, please know that the bride above was me. This experience and others actually led to my pursuing this career! Knowing what can go wrong is terribly important to ensure your wedding day will be flawless and will turn out to be everything you've planned. When relying on a "free" site coordinator's services, keep the following two points in mind.
First, the site coordinator can leave at will. They are not required to stay on just because you're wedding is scheduled to take place. And second, the site coordinator doesn't work for you -- you do not pay them and, thus, when problems arise, they will represent the interests of their employer. Armed with this knowledge, you now need to know the following: How can you ensure that all your plans are carried out? And who will represent your interests and ensure that you receive everything you contracted for? This is where a professional wedding consultant and/or coordinator comes in. A professional consultant or coordinator can ensure that regardless of who the site coordinator is today, tomorrow, or three weeks from now, you will experience the wedding you planned. If any problems arise, your interests will be represented and you will receive all that you agreed upon.
So the next time you are offered a "free" site coordinator, be gracious and appreciative and then call an independent wedding consultant. The fees you will pay are well worth the peace of mind an independent professional can provide.


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