Wording Your Engagement Announcement
Samples of Engagement Announcements

If your newspaper doesn't give you strict guidelines, here are some sample wordings of engagement announcements to follow. Note that etiquette stipulates that the groom's family shouldn't be the ones to announce the engagement, and it should be someone other than the bride and groom if at all possible. That being said, rules are made to be broken!

The Bride's Family
Mr. and Mrs. George Diaz of Brooklyn announce the engagement of their daughter, Lisa Alice to William McGuire, son of Lewis and Mary McGuire of Freeport, New York. Ms. Diaz graduated summa cum laude from Smith College, and is a real estate agent with the Towne Home Realty in Brooklyn. Mr. McGuire graduated from St. Johns University and is a freelance writer. A June wedding is planned.

Single Parent
Ms. Alice Smith announces the engagement of her daughter, Wilhelmina Smith to Peter Hightower, the son of A.J. and Margaret Hightower of Houston….(Follow the rest of the wording above. You may choose to include "Ms. Smith is also the daughter of Casey Smith of Newport Village" as the closing line, but this is not mandatory.)

Deceased Parent
Ms. Jennifer Miner announces the engagement of her daughter, Maria Miner to Ezra Goldblatt. Ms. Miner, also the daughter of the late Jonathan Miner, graduated from the University of Maine and is the manager of the Four Winds restaurant. Mr. Goldblatt, the son of Micah and Linda Goldblatt, graduated from Colby College and is a teacher at Union Academy in Portland.

Remarried Parent
Ms. Carol Johnson and Mr. Timothy Afume announce the engagement of Ms. Johnson's daughter . . .

Divorced Parents
Mr. William George, of Suffern, and Ms. Martha George, of Malvern, announce the engagement of their daughter, Angela Renee . . .

Announced by the Bride and Groom
Lisa Winter, a graduate of Geneseo College, is to be married to Mark Maroon, a graduate of Syracuse University. Ms. Winter, the daughter of the late William and Sophia Winter, is a professor at Rochester Community College. Mr. Maroon is a systems analyst at Bloomsday, Mothersbaugh.


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