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Karaoke (Full List Click Here) B

1. B5 & Bow Wow (R&B) PHU711.09 - Hydrolic
2. B52's (Rock) LS140.07 - Love Shack
3. B52's (Duet) MH1016.04 - Love Shack
4. B52's (Pop) SC7204.04 - Love Shack
5. B52's (Pop) SC8678.03 - Rock Lobster
6. B52's (Pop) SC8861.04 - Roam
7. B52's (Pop) SF15.06 - Love Shack
8. B52s (Pop) SGB58.08 - Roam
9. B52's (Pop) SP7.03 - Love Shack
10. B52's (Rock) SFK1030.02 - Love Shack
11. B52's, The (Party) LB1.02 - Love Shack
12. B 52's (Pop) SC8465.12 - Debbie
13. B J Thomas (CW) SC8455.08 - New Looks From An Old Lover
14. B Medley BJ Warnes (Pop) LS134.12 - I've Had The Time Of My Life
15. B Streisand & J Mathis (Pop) MM6025.15 - One Hand One Heart I Have A Love (DUET)
16. B Witched (Pop) SC8515.06 - C'est La Vie
17. B Witched (Pop) SC8553.13 - Rollercoaster
18. B. B. King (Pop) SC8675.05 - Rock Me Baby
19. B. J. Thomas (CW) SC8398.08 - Hey Won't You PLay Another Somebody Done SOmebody WRong Song
20. B.J. THomas (70's) SFK1017.19 - Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head
21. B.J. Thomas (CW) MH1026.07 - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
22. B.J. Thomas (CW) MH1026.16 - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
23. B.J. Thomas (CW) NT1007.06 - New Looks From An Old Lover
24. B.J. Thomas (CW) NT1010.06 - Everybody Loves A Rain Song
25. B.J. Thomas (CW) SAVA08.06 - Everybody Loves A Rain Song
26. B.J. Thomas (CW) SC8445.01 - The Eyes Of A New York Woman
27. B.J. Thomas (Oldie) PR1010.07 - Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
28. B.J. Thomas (Pop) SC8594.10 - Rock & Roll Lullaby
29. B.J. Thomas (Pop) SC8668.14 - Mighty Clouds Of Joy
30. B.M.U. (Pop) SC8145.03 - U Will Know
31. Baby & P. Diddy (Pop) - Do That SC8812.07
32. Baby Bash & Akon (R&B) THU508.17 - Baby I'm Back
33. Baby Bash & Akon vocal (R&B) THU508.08 - Baby I'm Back
34. Baby Bash & T Pain (R&B) PHU710.08 - Cyclone
35. Baby Boy & Lil Boosie (R&B) PHU706.09 - The Way I Live
36. Baby I Don't Care - Buddy Holly (Pop) LS70.03
37. Baby Please Don't Go - Muddy Waters (Pop) SC8814.09
38. BabyFace & Stevie WOnder (Pop) MEG22.04 - How Come How Long
39. Babyface (Blues) JT153.16 - When Can I See You
40. Babyface (Oldie) NT2035.11 - When Can I See You
41. Babyface (Pop) MEG21.03 - Everytime I Close My Eyes
42. Babyface (Pop) NT2012.10 - Whip Appeal
43. Babyface (Pop) NT2022.03 - Never Keeping Secrets
44. Babyface (Pop) NT2032.02 - And Our Feelings
45. Babyface (Pop) PH510A.05 - Sorry For The Stupid Things
46. Babyface (Pop) PH512A.07 - Grown & Sexy
47. Babyface (Pop) SC8121.14 - Never Keeping Secrets
48. Babyface (Pop) SC8132.07 - ForThe Cool In You
49. Babyface (Pop) SC8132.14 - When Can I See You
50. Babyface (Pop) SD1.09 - When Can I See You


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