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1. Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song) - Otis Redding (R&B) SC8863.09
2. Fabian (Pop) LS157.11 - Tiger
3. Fabian (Pop) LS157.13 - Turn Me Loose
4. Fabian (Pop) SC8190.13 - Turn Me Loose
5. Fablous f. Ne Yo (Urban) PHU708.05 - Make It Better
6. Fabolous & Ashanti (Hip Hop) SC8853.14 - Into You
7. Fabolous (HH) SC8945.06 - Breathe
8. Fabulous - Jaheim & The Rayne (Pop) SC8805.11
9. Fabulous - Jaheim & Tha Rayne (CW) SC3347.05
10. Fabulous & Mike Shorey (Pop) SC8914.04 - Baby
11. Fabulous (R&B) THU504.13 - Breathe
12. Fabulous Thunderbirds (Pop) SC8443.12 - Wrap It Up
13. Fabulous Thunderbirds (Rock) NT2016.11 - My Babe
14. Fabulous Thunderbirds (Rock) SGB63.12 - Tough Enough
15. Failure (Pop) SC8460.11 - Stuck On You
16. Fair Shake - Foster & Lloyd (CW) SC8525.04
17. Fairchild, Barbara (CW) MH1076.13 - Kid Stuff
18. Fairchild, Barbara (Pop) SAVA12.08 - Teddy Bear Song
19. Fairchild, Shelly (CW) SD125.11 - You Don't Lie Here Anymore
20. Fairground Attraction (Pop) LB2.05 - Perfect
21. Fairground Attraction (Pop) SF15.08 - Perfect
22. Faith & Tim McGraw Hill (CW) SD136.01 - Like We Never Loved At All
23. Faith Evans & Carl Thomas (Pop) TU61.20 - Can't Believe (vocal)
24. Faith Evans & Carl Thomas (R&B) THU203.17 - Can't Believe
25. Faith Evans (Pop) MH1125.13 - I Love You
26. Faith Evans (Pop) MTV05.17 - I Love You
27. Faith Evans (Pop) SC8281.13 - Ain't Nobody
28. Faith Evans (Pop) SC8503.02 - Love Like This
29. Faith Evans (Pop) SC8731.07 - You Gets No Love (ADVISORY)
30. Faith Evans (Pop) SC8915.12 - Again
31. Faith Evans (Pop) SGB8.12 - Love Like This
32. Faith Evans (Pop) SY1013.16 - Soon As I Get Home
33. Faith Evans (R&B) PH602U.08 - Tru Love
34. Faith Evans (Urban) THU510.13 - Mesmerized
35. Faith Hill (CW) SC8590.02 - If My Heart Had Wings
36. Faith Hill (CW) THC801.14 - Red Umbrella
37. Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (CW) PH512C.10 - Like We Never Loved At All (Duet)
38. Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (CW) SD52.01 - Just To Hear You Say You Love Me
39. Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (CW) SGB29.16 - Let's Make Love
40. Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (CW) SGB29.17 - Let's Make Love
41. Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (Pop) LS244.06 - It's Your Love
42. Faith Hill & Vince Gill (CW) SY1017.10 - Let Me Let Go
43. Faith Hill (Country) THC511.15 - Like We Never Loved At All
44. Faith Hill (CW) CH9805.12 - This Kiss
45. Faith Hill (CW) CS202.06 - You Give Me Love
46. Faith Hill (CW) LS159.10 - The Way You Love Me
47. Faith Hill (CW) LS159.11 - The Secret To Life
48. Faith Hill (CW) LS159.12 - That's How Love Moves
49. Faith Hill (CW) LS159.13 - If I'm Not In Love
50. Faith Hill (CW) LS159.14 - Let's Make Love


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