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1. G Michael & John (Pop) MM6000.08 - Don't Let The Sun Go Down Me
2. G Thorogood (Pop) MM6042.15 - Bad To The Bone
4. Gabbie Nolen (CW) SC3312.05 - Almost There
5. Gabe Dixon Band (Pop) PH605.01 - All Will Be Well
6. Gabrielle (Pop) SF05.10 - Dreams
7. Gabrielle (Pop) SF148.15 - Sunshine
8. GABRIELLE (Pop) SF159.01 - RISE
9. Gabrielle (Pop) SGB47.10 - Should I Stay
10. Gabrielle Climi (Pop) SF268.06 - Sweet About Me
11. Gabrielle Climi (Pop) SF270.05 - Save The Lies (Good To Me)
12. Gail Davies (CW) SC8697.11 - Break Away
13. Gaines, Chris & Garth Brooks (Pop) PH9911P.08 - Lost In You
14. Gale Garnett (Pop) SC8353.01 - We'll Sing In The Sunshine
15. Galileo - Indigo Girls (Pop) SC8874.05
16. Galileo (Duet Version) - Indigo Girls (Pop) SC8874.16
17. Gallery - Mario Vasquez (Pop) NS2077.08
18. Gallery (Pop) SC8218.09 - Nice To Be With You
19. Game & Kanye West (R&B) PHU706.07 - Wouldn't Get Far
20. Game Of Love, The - Santana & Michelle Branch (Pop) SC8793.06
21. Game Of Love, The - Santana & Michelle Branch (Pop) SC8813.09
22. Game, The & 50 Cent (Pop) SC8935.06 - Hate It Or Love It (ADVISORY)
23. Game, The (Pop) TH701.13 - It's Ok (One Blood)
24. Games People Play - Spinners, The (Pop) LS75.13
25. Gangsta Lovin' (ADVISORY) - Eve & Alicia Keys (Hip Hop) SC8797.09
26. Gangsta Lovin' (ADVISORY) - Eve & Alicia Keys (Pop) SC3326.08
27. Gangsta Nation (ADVISORY) - Westside Connection & Nate Dogg (Pop) SC8864.05
28. Gap Band (Pop) SC8176.09 - You Dropped A Bomb On Me
29. Gap Band (Pop) SF28.14 - Oops Upside Your Head
30. Gap Band (R&B) MH1053.15 - Early In The Morning
31. Gap Band, The (Pop) SC8577.07 - Early In The Morning
32. Garbage (Pop) SC8343.12 - Milk
33. Garbage (Pop) SC8348.08 - Only Happy When It Rains
34. Garbage (Pop) SC8448.12 - #1 Crush
35. Garbage (Pop) SC8462.05 - Push It
36. Garbage (Pop) SC8471.06 - Stupid Girl
37. Garbage (Pop) SC8503.11 - Special
38. Garbage (Pop) SC8553.10 - When I Grow Up
39. Garbage (Pop) SC8600.07 - I Think I'm Paranoid
40. Garbage (Pop) SGB18.12 - Special
41. Garbage (Rock) PH505R.04 - Why Do You Love Me
43. Garbage (Rock) THR509.13 - Bleed Like Me
44. Garbage (Vocal) (Rock) THR509.04 - Bleed Like Me
45. Gareth Gates (Pop) THP709.10 - Angel On My Shoulder
46. Garland, Judy (Pop) MH1040.13 - Over The Rainbow
47. Garland, Judy (Pop) SC8124.01 - Rock-A-Bye Your Baby
48. Garland, Judy (Standard) MM6180.11 - You Made Me Love You
49. Garland, Judy (Standard) TT03.12 - Over the Rainbow (Wizard Of OZ)
50. Garnet Mimms And The Enchanters (Pop) SC8521.05 - Cry Baby


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