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1. D4L (Pop) SC8957.08 - Betcha Can't Do It Like Me
2. D4L (R&B) PH601U.07 - Laffy Taffy
3. D4L (R&B) THU603.01 - Laffy Taffy (Vocals)
4. D4L (R&B) THU603.10 - Laffy Taffy
5. D 12 (Pop) SC8708.08 - Purple Hills
6. D Angelo (Pop) MEG21.05 - Lady
7. D. Frankenreiter J.Johnson (Pop) PH408R.01 - Free
8. D. Houston & B. Mandrell (CW) NT1012.04 - After Closing Time
10. D. Warwick & Friends (Pop) MM6025.13 - That's What Friends Are For (DUET)
11. D.H.T. (Pop) SC8934.01 - Listen To Your Heart (Unplugged)
12. D.H.T. (Pop) SC8946.01 - Listen To Your Heart
13. D.H.T. (Pop) THP509.03 - Listen To Your Heart (vocal)
14. D.H.T. (Pop) THP509.12 - Listen To Your Heart
15. D.J. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince (Pop) SC7212.08 - Nightmare On My Street, A
16. Da Brat & Cherish (Pop) SC8834.08 - In Love Wit Chu
17. Da Brat (Rock) NT2050.06 - Funkdafied
18. Da Vinci's Notebook (Pop) SC8927.14 - Enormous Penis (ADVISORY)
19. Dada (Pop) SC8749.06 - Dizz Knee Land
20. Daddy Can You See Me - Anita Cochran (CW) SC8394.09
21. Daddy Dewdrop (Pop) SC8231.08 - Chick A Boom (Don't Ya Jes' Love It)
22. Daddy Sang Bass - Johnny Cash (CW) SC8835.03
23. Daddy Yankee (Pop) PH606P.06 - Rompe
24. Daddy Yankee (Pop) PH606P.15 - Rompe (Multiplex)
25. Daddy Yankee (Pop) SC8914.05 - Gasolina
26. Daddy Yankee (R&B) THU608.16 - Rompe
27. Daddy Yankee (Reggaeton) SC8957.07 - Rompe
28. Dagger Through The Heart - Dolly Parton (CW) SC8779.14
29. Daisy Dern (CW) SC8736.05 - Gettin' Back To You
30. Dakota Moon (Pop) PS1322.09 - A Promise I Make
31. Dakota Moon (Pop) SC8453.14 - A Promise I Make
32. Dakota Moon (Pop) SC8481.02 - Another Day Goes By
33. Dale & Grace (Oldie) THF09.07 - I'm Leavin' It Up To You
34. Dale & Grace (Pop) LS234.14 - I'm Leaving It All Up To You
36. Dalley, Amy (CW) SD126.08 - I Would Cry
37. Damage (Pop) SF187.13 - After The Love Has Gone
38. Damaged - TLC (Pop) SC3366.08
39. Damn (ADVISORY) - Youngbloodz & Lil Jon (Duet) SC8849.12
40. Damn Yankees (Pop) SC8373.03 - High Enough
41. Damn Yankees (Pop) SC8406.06 - Coming Of Age
42. Damn Yankees (Pop) SC8631.11 - Come Again
43. Damn Yankees (Rock) SGB31.14 - High Enough
44. Damned (Pop) SF109.09 - Love Song
45. Dan Fogelberg & Emmylou Harris (Pop) THMB01.12 - Only The Heart May Know
46. Dan Fogelberg (Pop) LS229.11 - Hard To Say
47. Dan Fogelberg (Pop) LS229.12 - Leader Of The Band
48. Dan Fogelberg (Pop) LS229.13 - Run For The Roses
49. Dan Fogelberg (Pop) LS229.14 - Same Old Lang Syne
50. Dan Fogelberg (Pop) LS229.15 - Longer


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