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It is hard to imagine a more exciting time in a young couples life than when a baby is on the way. Baby Showers can be fun with friends and family. Parents to Be and Grandparents are excited about the new arrival.
Have a great party.

Who should host a baby shower?
The shower can be hosted by a close friend (or friends) of the mother-to-be. It has traditionally considered improper for a family member of the mother-to-be to host because showers are primarily a gift-giving event. However, today family members commonly help and many often plan the showers in many regions. It is still considered improper in some areas for family members to host the shower, so if you are concerned about this, it is best to ask some close friends that might know more of the local etiquette.
How many people should be invited?
A shower typically ranges from about 5-20 people although there can be more or less. Remember that people want to get a chance to spend time with the mother-to-be, so make sure that the number of people keeps the shower somewhat intimate.
Who should be invited?
Immediate female family members of both the mother & father-to-be's families should be invited as well as close friends of the mother-to-be. It is best to consult with the mother-to-be when making up the invitation list.
Should I invite friends who have recently had miscarriages or are having difficulty conceiving?
These friends should definitely be invited to the shower. Send them an invitation and let the decision of attending be theirs. While many will be ready to share in the joy of the new baby at the shower, it may be more difficult for some. If someone decides not to attend, respect their decision and be understanding.
When should the shower be held?
A good time for the shower would be 1-2 months before the baby's due date. If the shower is held later, there is always a chance that the baby will be an early arrival and make it to his/her own shower or the mom and baby may still be at the place of delivery.
The shower can also be held after the baby is born. This is the tradition in some cultures or regions.
What about having a shower after the baby is born?
It can be a neat idea to have a shower after the baby is born and this is tradition in some regions and cultures. This allows everyone to meet the new arrival. However, this time can be a hectic and tiring time for new parents so be sure to plan accordingly.
How does one throw a co-ed or men-only shower?
Showers have usually been a time for women to get together and celebrate the new baby. However, as men take a more active role in raising the children a lot of people today like the idea of including daddy. If this is the case, then there can either be a men-only shower or a co-ed party.
A daddy's shower can be held with just the guys and is usually arranged by a close friend of the dad. These don't usually involve games and can be held at a restaurant or bar or at someone's home with sports games or video entertainment. For gifts, the guys could bring gift certificates or a package of diapers. They could bring a traditional gift too, but most guys don't feel comfortable choosing baby outfits.
A co-ed shower is usually more a party than a shower. Barbecues are popular for co-ed parties. Guys don't usually ooh and aah over cute outfits like many women and might get bored during gift opening so consider having an alternate activity for the guys during this part. Depending on the guys, they might also not be into games. If you think the guys might be up for shower games, give it a try. Most games work with co-eds or can be slightly modified to fit the bill.
Is it proper to have a shower for a baby other than the first?
There are differing viewpoints on this issue. On the one hand, most parents already have all the baby things they need after having one, and on the other, every baby should be be celebrated. So in between these is the idea of a baby "sprinkle" instead of "shower" for those who are already mothers. Still invite all the guests to celebrate this joyous occasion, but instead of bringing big gifts, have guests bring essentials like diapers, formula, and all those other little baby things that tend to add up and get used up. These are often called "diaper showers."
What about showers for adopted babies?
It is so wonderful when a couple is able to adopt a baby. A shower for an adopted baby should take certain things in to consideration. The shower should be after the couple has adopted the child as sometimes adoption proceedings don't always go as planned. Also remember that the parents are going to want to spend some special bonding time with the baby, so the shower should be put off for a month or two. When picking out invitations, try to find special adoption invitations. If you cannot find these, at least pick invitations that are appropriate to the situation. It is good to ensure that guests know that the baby is adopted, so they don't say something at the shower that might unintentionally hurt feelings or make people uncomfortable. Because the shower is held after the baby is adopted, it is likely that the baby will be at the shower. Games might not be as prevalent at this shower as babies are often entertainment enough :-)
What should the invitations look like?
Shower invitations should reflect the spirit of the shower and the joy of babies. There are some cute invitations at local card stores such as Hallmark. Creating your own cards by hand is also a wonderful idea.
What information should be included in the invitations?
guest of honor's name
shower date and time
hostess' name and phone number
address of shower
map of shower location (optional)
RSVP date and phone number
shower theme information (if applicable)
sex of baby (if known)
When should the invitations be mailed?
These should be mailed to out-of-town guests about 4-6 weeks prior to the shower and about 2-4 weeks prior for local guests.
When should guests RSVP by?
A good guideline for the RSVP deadline should be 2 weeks before the shower, but be sure to plan for guests that RSVP late or not at all.
Should the shower be a surprise?
This is up to you. It is not always a good choice for the mother-to-be (particularly in regards to the guest list). The mother-to-be will want to be able to choose who is invited and you will need to consult her schedule to find a date. If you do decide to host a surprise shower, be sure to contact the mother-to-be's & father-to-be's mothers to find out what family members to invite. You may choose to surprise the mother-to-be with a second shower with only her closest of friends. A co-worker might also choose to surprise the mother-to-be with a shower at work.
What order should events happen at the shower?
There are many variations on showers, but we have devised a general "schedule" for baby showers. You can add/remove any part and re-order it to your liking.
Greet Guests - serve light appetizers
After all or almost all guests have arrived, go around the room and have each guest introduce themselves and identify how they know the mother-to-be.
Play 2-4 Shower Games. It is good to play games at the beginning as ice-breakers. Remember some guests may not know *anyone* but the mother-to-be.
Let everyone go get whatever food may be available and then once everyone has been served, the mother-to-be can begin to open her gifts. Be sure to have someone write down each gift and who it is from. It will make sending thank-you notes a lot easier.
People chat and usually leave a few at a time. Make sure the mother-to-be gets to say goodbye to everyone and the hostess thanks the person for attending. If the hostess has shower favors, they should give this to the guest now.
How long should the shower last?
Two hours is a good estimate. Things may wind down early or they may likely continue on as guests chat together.
Does a shower have to have games?
No, there do not have to be games. If the mother-to-be is older or just not into games, you may choose to have a nice dinner or tea at a restaurant or at your home. If many of the guests do not know each other, games should probably be part of the shower. This will help get guests involved and having fun. If you're not sure, discuss the idea with the mother-to-be and find out what she feels would be best.
What food should be served at the shower?
Typically there is a not a meal served at a shower, but simply finger-foods. Chips, pretzels, ice cream, pie, cake...just typical snack or dessert foods. A fruit or vegetable tray would be a good alternative for the health conscious. There should be coffee & punch available for the guests. You may also choose to have soft drinks or other beverages available. Out of respect to the mother-to-be do not serve alcoholic drinks. If the mother-to-be is not drinking caffeine either, you might choose to forego caffeinated coffee and soft drinks. The type of food also varies with theme. It is not uncommon to have formal teas or barbecues for example.
Are shower favors for guests necessary?
Shower favors are not a tradition in all areas. In some regions, it is unheard of give favors (they came to shower the mom, not vice-versa). Yet in other regions, it is a must (it is rude not to acknowledge their presence with a favor). It's best to base your decision on what you have experienced at showers you have attended locally or ask close friends and find out what they think. If you do have favors, some ideas are potpourri satchel, scented candles, or candies wrapped in tulle.

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