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What fun it is to be with your friends to celebrate the upcoming wedding. This section contains Decorations, Paper Goods, Favors and Games to help plan a great event.
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The 5 W's of Bridal Showers

Getting ready to throw a bridal shower and don't know where to begin? We've got all the basics for you right here - from who's going to throw it, to why you have it in the first place!

Using the infamous "5 W's", take a look at our guide to putting together a bridal shower to remember. Even though many traditional rules of etiquette no longer apply when throwing a shower, if you cover the basics you will have a wonderful party.

Who throws the shower: Unless there are unusual circumstances, the maid of honor always hosts the bridal shower. Whether it's at a restaurant or at her home, this special bridesmaid runs the show.

Who to invite: There is one steadfast rule here: ASK THE BRIDE! (Or the bride and groom if you're having a co-ed shower). You never know who else may have something planned for her, or she may be having something separate with her family.

Who to RSVP: Unless the shower is going to be given at the bride's home (in which case the bride might want to accept RSVPs), either the maid of honor or one of the bridesmaids keeps track of which of the invited guests are coming.

What is a bridal shower? Legend tells us that bridal showers began when a rich young woman wanted to marry a poor man. Her father freaked out and refused to provide a dowry for her. Feeling sorry for the couple, their friends got together and bought them the things they needed to set up house. Thus, the party we have today for the couple where we "shower" them with gifts. Today, bridal or wedding showers can have central themes carried out from the decorations to the gifts you bring.

What to give: You can choose your shower gift based on the couple's registry list, the theme of the shower (for instance, a kitchen bridal shower), or a special gift you know they would like.

Where to have the shower: The shower can be held in a variety of places, from the home of the maid of honor to a restaurant to the bride's home. No matter where you choose to have it, be sure to check with the bride to see what's the most convenient for her and/or her family - for example, if you are going to invite Grandma, you may not want to have it in a dark and smoky bar.

Restaurant showers: This trend is a fun and easy way to throw a shower with very little preparation and absolutely no clean up. If you are planning a shower in a public place like a restaurant, be sure to include payment instructions in the invite - guests need to know before they arrive whether or not food and drinks will be provided. It's perfectly all right to have guests pay for their own meal and drinks; afterwards, provide them with dessert or a cake if you so desire.

When to have the shower: Bridal showers are usually held anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 weeks before the wedding. However, if there are a lot of guests coming from out of town to the wedding, many brides have their shower two days before the wedding so that everyone can make it.

What day of the week: It's not necessary to have the traditional Sunday afternoon shower if many of the guests will not be able to make it. Again, check with the bride as to when would be the most convenient for her as well as the people invited.

When to plan: You may want to start planning for the shower up to 6 weeks before you throw it; especially if you're going to send out printed invitations and have a specific theme.

Why a bridal shower? Traditionally, bridal showers are a ritual of female bonding. Women got together with the bride to share stories, eat, and focus on the bride (on a smaller scale than the wedding) with gifts and fun. Today, many showers are co-ed affairs where couples mix and mingle - it's more like a party before the big party. No matter which style shower you choose, remember that this is a fun way to honor the bride before the wedding.

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